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The Revenge of a Booted Fox News ‘Talking Head’

Rachel MarsdenVia Valleywag:
It's hard to say what made Rachel Marsden turn on her benefators in right-wing media. True, she was escorted by security guards from her former job as co-host of Red Eye, a sort of late-night lockup for the truly hard-core lunatic fringe within the crazyhouse that is Fox News. But that hardly soured her on the network; she later emailed us saying she'd "always been a big fan of" Fox News chief Ailes, "and am always honoured to be asked to contribute to anything this great man has built." Fox's flagship shouting head Bill O'Reilly, meanwhile, was "a real man ... awesome ... a straight shooter, and one of my favourite people in the biz."
However, Marsden sure has no love for Fox News now:
I was a "talking head." I'm not a big fan of the term. "Talking head" implies the presence of a brain, which isn't always the case. The American cable news network from which I was sprung mostly selected their female talking heads for their tits and legs. I guess nicknaming them "talking tits" or "talking legs" would be overdoing the obvious. It would also totally bust the trailer trash viewing majority who watch the network as the closest thing their old lady will allow them to get to porn.
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President George H. W. Bush: Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are ‘Sick Puppies’

Nick Sabloff writes on the Huffington Post:

Former President George H.W. Bush feels that the tone of the national discourse lacks civility. “I don’t like it,” Bush told CBS. “The cables (TV) have a lot to do with it.” Bush said he believes Obama was “entitled to civil treatment” when it comes to his critics. But it was not just those on the right, who presumably make up a majority of Obama’s critics, that Bush felt were responsible for the angry tone. The left was guilty as well.

Singling out MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, Bush said, “the way they treat my son and anyone who’s opposed to their point of view is just horrible.” Maddow and Olbermann, he added, are “sick puppies.”

Needless to say, Maddow and Olbermann weren’t taking Bush’s criticism lying down. Here’s the video.

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CNN, a.k.a. the “Cable News Network,” Reports the News By “Leaving It There”

The Cable News Network, a.k.a. CNN, decides to fact check Saturday Night Live but not much else, with the 24 hours a day they have to report news. After this point is driven home in the clip below, watch the analysis from The Daily Show regulars Aasif Mandvi, who thinks CNN is the most professional news outlet, and John Oliver, who calls CNN out as a consortium that only wants to seduce goats:
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