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Jingoism for Dollars: How to Make a Quick Buck

Death Of Osama PartyChuck Sudo writes at Chicagoist:

We shouldn’t be shocked that businesses and budding entrepreneurs use historic moments to parlay them into a little bit of scrilla. It’s the American Way. We stopped counting the number of knock off t-shirts printed to commemorate President Obama’s election, or Michael Jackson’s death two years ago, or Sears tying advertising to the recent tornadoes in the South, or the seemingly endless stream of “Never Forget” paraphernalia that still trickles from the 9/11 faucet and businesses that still hold Martin Luther King Day “white sales.” We’re not even shocked that a trove of merchandise and events capitalizing on the Osama bin Laden raid are already up and looking for someone’s discretionary income. We only question the taste of some of the endeavors.

The photo in this post comes from a Miami nightlife promoter who wasted no time in organizing a “Na na na, Hey Hey, Goodbye” party to celebrate bin Laden’s death at a strip club, with the late al Qaeda leader’s image photoshopped onto a flyer with two women we can assume aren’t virgins he met in the afterlife.

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