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Swedish Lunch Lady Told Food is Too Good for Students

Picture: Vic Cvut (CC)

Your memories of lunch room cafeterias, like mine,  probably revolve around mass produced “beef” patties, unnatural-looking vegetables in industrial steam trays, and…um….sturdy looking women hefting ladles that could double as truncheons. Lunch time was something you endured rather than enjoyed. (I still remember something that they called a “Mexican Pizza” that would probably be considered a culinary hate crime today…) You’re probably glad those days are long over, but for a group of kids in Falun, Sweden, they are only now beginning.

School cafeteria Head Chef Annika Eriksson is guilty of nothing but making sure that her little customers had the very best meal that she could provide: fresh-made bread, wide selections of vegetables, and meats of all sorts. Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished, and now school district officials have instructed Eriksson to stop cooking her scrumptious spreads in favor of a district-wide meal plan.… Read the rest

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