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Canadian Judge to Sexual Assault Victim: “Couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”


The Canadian Judicial Council is reviewing the conduct of federal court justice Robin Camp “who questioned the efforts of a sexual assault complainant to fend off her attacker.”

via CBC:

​The Canadian Judicial Council is reviewing the conduct of a Federal Court judge who questioned the efforts of a sexual assault complainant to fend off her attacker.

The council announced Monday it will review the behaviour of Robin Camp during a 2014 case he adjudicated while serving as an Alberta provincial court judge. The case involved the alleged rape of a 19-year-old woman by a Calgary man, whom she accused of sexually assaulting her over a bathroom sink during a house party.

The review comes after a complaint from four law professors at Dalhousie University and the University of Calgary who described Camp as “dismissive, if not contemptuous” toward sexual assault laws and the rules of evidence.

In the 11-page complaint, Elaine Craig, Jocelyn Downie, Jennifer Koshan and Alice Woolley said that in the 2014 case, Camp asked the complainant, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” and, “Why didn’t you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you?”

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Canada’s PM-Designate to Obama: I’m Withdrawing Canadian Forces from Iraq and Syria

Justin Trudeau speaks at the University of Waterloo
This article originally appeared on Anti-Media.

Canada has a new government following the country’s federal election on Monday. The Liberal Party won in a landslide and dethroned Conservatives, who held the majority in the Parliament for nine years. Canada’s current prime minister, Stephen Harper, was also ousted by Liberal Party candidate, Justin Trudeau amid the Parliamentary takeover.

The Liberal Party has vowed to end the prohibition of cannabis, but also ran on a much more dovish foreign policy platform. It seems that Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau was serious about his vow to remove Canada from foreign entanglements. Just hours after his announced victory, he received a phone call from President Barack Obama.

Trudeau confirmed in a press conference that during the call, he told Obama he would stick to “the commitments I have made around ending the combat mission.” One of those commitments is to withdraw Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets from the conflict in Iraq and Syria, effectively ending Canada’s fight against ISIS.… Read the rest

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Oh Canada! Four in 10 Americans Want Wall on Northern Border

No doubt it will be called the Great Trump Wall. Bloomberg on walling off Canada:

Failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker may feel some vindication in this number: 41 percent of Americans say that if a wall is built along the Mexican border, one should also be erected on the Canadian one. And yes, the same percentage favors a wall erected along the nation’s southern border.


The latest Bloomberg Politics poll also shows that immigration, a flashpoint in the 2016 presidential campaign thanks in large point to the incendiary rhetoric of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, is an issue that stirs strong emotions among Americans, some of them contradictory. While four in ten Americans favor border walls, overwhelming majorities also express positive feelings about immigration: 80 percent agree the U.S. economy has thrived historically because of new arrivals and 70 percent expressed approval for the efforts of Pope Francis to encourage nations to be more welcoming of immigrants.

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Canada’s secret plan to invade the U.S. — in 1921

Defence Scheme No. 1: A Canadian lieutenant fashioned a five-pronged plan of attack against the U.S. in 1921. Courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press

Defence Scheme No. 1: A Canadian lieutenant fashioned a five-pronged plan of attack against the U.S. in 1921. Courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press

In 1921, Canadian lieutenant, Buster Brown, proposed “Defence Scheme No. 1.,” which was actually a plan for a “full-on invasion” of the United States. In response, US then drafted its own: “War Plan Red.”

Not surprisingly, the tensions were really between the US and Britain. Canada was just the middle man.

Tracy Mumford via MPRNews:

Obviously, it never came to fruition. The tensions driving the potential invasion were actually between the U.S. and Britain. Canada was simply a proxy. After World War I, Britain owed the U.S. a tremendous amount of money — approximately $22 billion — and there were intense disagreements over the payment terms.

The disagreements were heated enough for the U.S. to draft a plan of its own in 1930, which it dubbed “War Plan Red.”

“Americans at that time, everybody seemed to think it was just a matter of time before Canada would be absorbed into the U.S.,” Lippert said.

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LGBT v. Fascism

Taken from the National Observer

Taken from the National Observer

While working on a piece, published at Rabble, about the big evil trade deal (TPP), written by corporations to protect profits at the expense of human rights, I saw first hand the reduction of the once fiercely political LGBT community in its appeal to corporate power. In this case, the deal was set to restrict access to HIV drugs, which affects LGBT people disproportionately.

Here, the movement has divorced itself from the rights of HIV positive (poz) people, which continue to be under threat seemingly for political reasons. If you look at the recent ambitions of the western gay rights movement, they have been based primarily on marriage equality. Gay marriage is a business friendly goal. To the point where the faces used to market it are exclusively white and upper class. Granting wealthy, white, gay men the right to marry each other was a very minor concession on the part of the state.… Read the rest

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Police Shoot Protester Wearing Anonymous Mask, ‘Hacktivist’ Group Vows to ‘Avenge’ His Death

Anonymous is going head to head with Canadian Police after the former shoot an activist wearing the ‘V For Vendetta’ mask favored by Anonymous. From Counter Current News:

Anonymous has just issued a promise that they will retaliate and “avenge” the death of an activist wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, who was shot by police outside a Dawson Creek restaurant.


Now, British Columbia’s law enforcement watchdog is saying that the man who had police called on him was not the same person who police showed up and opened fire on. The victim, was apparently just shot for wearing the well-known “Anonymous” mask, adopted from the movie “V For Vendetta.”

“We verified, verified, verified. At two o’clock I was told the same guy, at three o’clock I was told the same guy, then I land in Dawson Creek and I’m told ‘different guy,’” Kellie Kilpatrick, the executive director of public accountability at the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) said during a press conference Friday.

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CETA, the corporate lobby and the new transatlantic economy

corporate-charterThe Council of Canadians says corporations have direct influence over the terms of the Canada-EU trade deal and have used it to introduce policies that favour them over the public.

Sujata Dey, Trade Campaigner for the Council of Canadians says, “The push for multilateral trade deals is (though they say it’s for lower tariffs and more economic opportunity) usually because business interests are pushing the deals. There’s a huge amount of lobbying going on.”

Dey says that not only are businesses pushing for free trade policies, but are then often involved in writing the terms of the agreements between states.

Dey says, “There are all kinds of lobby groups working on the deal. It’s nebulous because it’s impossible to put our finger on who’s doing what, but groups like Business-Europe are very involved in lobbying, even the NGO tables and half of the NGOs are industry associations. It’s a horrible process that reflects the interest of the corporate agenda.”

Dey continues, “The people around the table are the people who make the decisions.… Read the rest

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Massive Orgy For Disabled People in Toronto

You might think that Canadians are kind of conservative, but is there a disabled orgy of sex planned in your city? The Toronto Sun reports on how “The Berlin wall of sex for people with disabilities is coming down!”:

A major barrier is about to fall for Toronto’s disabled.

Photo: David Amsler (CC)

Photo: David Amsler (CC)


The city’s first ever accessible orgy is set for this summer.

Yes, you read that right. An accessible orgy. Just in time for the Parapan Am Games and, no, it’s not a demonstration sport.

“The Berlin wall of sex for people with disabilities is coming down!” organizer Stella Palikarova tells me down the line from Ottawa.

She is there to present a paper to the Canadian Sociological Association, on Experiences of Dating and Sexuality among Heterosexual Females with Congenital Mobility Disabilities.

So, you can see, this orgy is no sleazy fly-by-night racket.

Palikarova, 35, a disability awareness consultant, dreamed up the idea, which may even be a world first.

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Poisoning the Democratic Well

Alex Indigo (CC BY 2.0)

Alex Indigo (CC BY 2.0)

Murray Dobbin writes at CounterPunch:

Opponents of so-called free trade deals have always struggled with the question of why these international treaties don’t generate more alarm and vocal opposition from Canadians. These treaties, after all, trump all other Canadian authority to make laws — provincial legislatures, Parliament, the courts and even the Constitution. If, instead of being bored by news of another ho-hum “trade deal,” Canadians were told that a panel of three international trade lawyers would be reviewing all new laws and determining, in secret, which ones passed muster by meeting with the approval of their giant corporate clients, would they react differently?

That is effectively what all of these corporate rights treaties establish: extra-judicial rulings whose objective is to protect the profits against laws passed in the public interest. The clauses that allow such suits are referred to as investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS).

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One-Third of American 8th Graders Think Canada is a Dictatorship

There’s clearly some pernicious, ahem, disinformation, being disseminated in US middle schools! CBC (Canada’s government-funded broadcaster, which is I suppose an organ of the state), is reporting in outraged terms that one-third of American 8th graders think Canada is a dictatorship:

The days of politically frustrated Americans declaring “That’s it, I’m moving to Canada!” could soon be coming to an end — at least among teenagers who value freedom and equality.



According to the U.S. government’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 33 per cent of American eight graders currently believe that Canada is a dictatorship.

This finding was one of many revealed by the NCES in its 2014 National Assessment of Educational Progress report when it was released late last month.

Alternately called “The Nation’s Report Card,” the publication presents the results of standardized tests given to more than 29,000 eighth-grade students across the U.S. last year.

It was here that reporters learned of how many young Americans may actually think Canada has more in common with North Korea, politically, than with our neighbours to the South.

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