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Eastern Mountain Lion Killed By SUV After Rumors Of Its Extinction

800px-Mountain-lion-01623The critically endangered Eastern mountain lion has been on and off the extinct list. In Connecticut, it was thought that any population of these large cats no longer existed. Until one was hit by an SUV. The Gothamist reports:

The Eastern mountain lion was declared extinct in March by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but it looks like one hardy cat may have been keeping his species alive in the wilds of Connecticut. Or maybe it was just a different subspecies of mountain lion that escaped or was released by some sick bastard illegally keeping him as a pet. Either way, the kitty was killed by an SUV Saturday morning. But are there more out there?

Residents of fancy Greenwich, Connecticut and other towns have been reporting sighting mountain lions for weeks, and despite the death of this one, Greenwich police continue to receive reports of the ferocious felines. But authorities are urging citizens to remain calm, and they’ve decided that this was the only mountain lion roaming around.

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