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Don Juan Was a Lie, But What Did Carlos Castaneda Have to do With 4 Missing Women?

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Carlos Castaneda died almost 20 years ago. At the time he was ridiculously famous. Back in the day followers of Castaneda were everywhere. His books, including The Teachings of Don Juan sold millions and millions of copies. While back then he was considered a spiritual guru, now many consider him a fraud and con man.

At the time of his death Castaneda was living with 5 women. All of them vanished. While the bones of one woman was found in Death Valley, the other 4 women are still missing.

I talked to Robert Marshall, who has investigated Castaneda and the case of the missing women.

When did Castaneda and his work become an interest to you?

In 2006, I published a novel entitled A Separate Reality. It’s about a New Age crisis of faith. I was interested in the impact of philosophies that advocate the erasure of the ego as a path toward enlightenment on those whose egos are already pretty tenuous – particularly young queer people.… Read the rest

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Carlos Castaneda: The Trickster Sorcerer

Thrift Store FindsI took the above picture after a rather fruitful day at the thrift store a few weeks back. No really, I found a copy of The Disinformation Book of Lists, a hard cover copy of The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda, and a VHS copy of Harvey all on the same morning. Sometimes everything just comes together. I posted the picture on Facebook (friend me). Of course, I’m only mentioning it here because of the synchromystic hive-mind interconnectivity shit that went down right afterwards. So, someone comments on the picture in regards to Castaneda, which was the second time he had come up in the same week. The first time was in relation to a wizard battle dream I had, where I fought off fledgling spectral witches inside my psychic mind temple. I don’t even pretend to entirely understand this stuff, but because it came up once again, I briefly mentioned how Castaneda was essentially a fiction author and a rather fucked up dude at that.… Read the rest

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Soul Capture: Don’t Love the Cosmic Cockroach

Picture: Sharadpunita (CC)

I’ve read OpticusWrangler’s essay “Opti and I” a couple times now and I see some interesting ramifications that I think might be good for further discussion. Anyone who enjoyed the other piece probably won’t mind if I go non-linear.

I used to be a dog musher. Let me start by describing the kind of dog I like: The kind you can’t quite tame. Not the type that acquiesces completely, but rather, the kind you have to come to an understanding with. The kind that holds some of herself back and doesn’t just give away everything. Dogs I like retain something of the wolf in them. Husky dogs that basically say “Yeah, we’re buds but I’m not going to come running every time you call me, WTF? Is everything about you? There is other interesting stuff going on sometimes believe it or not!”

That said, I love dogs, but I still retain a firm belief in my superiority over them.… Read the rest

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