Got a new car? Like the GPS navigation? Live traffic updates? The Detroit News describes how high tech in vehicles puts drivers’ privacy up for grabs: Every time a motorist slides in…

Via Mr. Money Mustache: It was a beautiful evening in my neighborhood, and I was enjoying one of my giant homebrews on a deck chair I had placed in the middle of…

If you are driving, you shouldn’t be reading this. Here is Big Jim on Gasoline Is Too Damn High:

Gasoline is skyrocketing past $4 a gallon and Jimmy McMillan is outraged. How are Americans supposed to afford their rent if they can’t afford the gasoline to get to work? Watch Jimmy send a powerful message to the White House: GASOLINE IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

Google Self Driving CarJohn Markoff writes in the NY Times:

Google, a pioneer of self-driving cars, is quietly lobbying for legislation that would make Nevada the first state where they could be legally operated on public roads.

The cars, hybrids, have a laser range finder on the roof, as well as radar and camera sensors and more equipment in the trunk.

And yes, the proposed legislation would include an exemption from the ban on distracted driving to allow occupants to send text messages while sitting behind the wheel.

The two bills, which have received little attention outside Nevada’s Capitol, are being introduced less than a year after the giant search engine company acknowledged that it was developing cars that could be safely driven without human intervention.