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New Star Trek Series Coming in 2017 on CBS All Access

Star Trek

As television continues to thrive in its golden era 2.0, CBS is planning on jumping into the fray with a revamp of Star Trek. The show will be accessible through CBS All Access, CBS’s “digital subscription video on demand and live streaming service.” This will be the first series produced specifically for All Access. Expect to see more of this from the big networks as HBO, Showtime, Starz, Amazon, Netflix, etc. continue pushing out popular shows.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The new Star Trek will introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966.”

Are you trekkies excited? I’ve only seen The Original Series. (Thanks, Dad!) But I am looking forward to this. Just don’t fuck it up, CBS.

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CBS Still Under Attack for Benghazi And Other Reports

240px-CBS_logoGood news amidst the bad at CBS: Their drama, “Criminal Minds” had its biggest audience this week. Am I alone in believing that the network, once known for the stellar journalism of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite can at the same time be on the receiving end of at least three attacks, suggesting there is something far from kosher going on in the minds of the people in charge?

First, we have the now infamous 60 Minutes Benghazi report, which when criticized, was defended, as if it was a papal encyclical, by the powers that be, until problems were acknowledged, a lukewarm apology offered by chief correspondent, Lara Logan, that, boo hoo, did not quite silence the doubters who are still besieging CBS HQ at the Manhattan building known as Black Rock with fresh doubts and unanswered questions.

Back to Benghazi, once known as Al Qaeda’s favorite Libyan port, in a hot second.… Read the rest

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