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Woman Is Mayor And Only Resident Of Nebraska Town


Monowi, Nebraska. Population: 1.

Via Reuters:

Elsie Eiler is the most admired person in Monowi, Neb. She is also the smartest, wealthiest, best-looking and youngest.

“We probably have the record by going down in population 50 percent,” Eiler quipped. “I chose to stay here after my husband died. It’s home.”

“And the oldest,” she is quick to add.

When you are the only resident of a community, every title fits.

Eiler, 77, is the lone inhabitant of Monowi, a village in northeast Nebraska. That is unique, according to new 2010 U.S. Census data, which indicates Monowi to be the only incorporated town, village or city in the country with only one resident.

Monowi had two people in 2000, the census showed, but the other one was Eiler’s husband, Rudy, and he died in 2004.

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India’s Population Reaches 1.21 Billion

800px-ATP_conferenceThe world's population has had a rapid increase in the last decade, but India takes the cake. With the 2011 census updated, India's population reaches 1.21 billion. BBC reports:

India's population has grown by 181 million people over the past decade to 1.21bn, according to the 2011 census. More people now live in India than in the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined. India is on course to overtake China as the world's most populous nation by 2030, but its growth rate is falling, figures show. China has 1.3bn people. The census also reveals a continuing preference for boys - India's sex ratio is at its worst since independence. Female foeticide remains common in India, although sex-selective abortion based on ultraso
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How To Annoy Glenn Beck In Five Minutes Or Less

Glenn Beck at CPAC 2010. Photo: Gage Skidmore CC

Glenn Beck at CPAC 2010. Photo: Gage Skidmore CC

Thank you Karl Frisch – who doesn’t want to annoy Glenn Beck without actually devoting too much time to doing so? He writes in Media Matters:

Want to annoy Fox News’ Glenn Beck in five minutes or less while simultaneously making sure your community gets its fair share of federal money? Fill out and return the 2010 U.S. Census questionnaire when it arrives in your mailbox.

Few other issues seem to whip media conservatives into a frenzy of misinformation and half-baked conspiracy theories like the decennial count of Americans.

You see, for the world of “conservative journalism,” the census is a manifestation of everything they fear. Put yourself in their shoes: Obama’s administration is hell-bent on imposing a socialist-fascist-communist-totalitarian-Marxist police state, and now he’s sending us all mail! Even worse, Obama’s thugs may show up at your door to get a more accurate count.

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America’s Top Insane Census Conspiracy Theories

Huffington Post has compiled the eight craziest 2010 census-related conspiracy theories to gain media traction. Including:

One of the most infamous Census conspiracy theories was spread by Rep. Michele Bachmann — that the census would lay the groundwork for World War II-style internment camp.

The American Daily Review suggests that the Census GPS is a way to help United Nations personnel round people up after Obama lets foreign troops control the country.

Michelle Malkin suggests Obama aims to use the Census to undermine [U.S.-Mexico] border control and give “the Left” a “permanent ruling majority” with the help of undocumented immigrants

Anti-tax activist Neal Boortz thinks the Census is being used to take away your property and give it to the “moochers.”

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