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Saddam Hussein’s Attorney To Represent Charles Manson

Charles MansonCNN reports:
Prominent attorney Giovanni Di Stefano, who has represented former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein and his right-hand man, "Chemical Ali," or Ali Hassan al-Majid, is representing Charles Manson in his attempt for a new trial, Di Stefano told CNN. Di Stefano has filed an application with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of Manson, he said. The petition says Manson didn't receive a fair trial when he was convicted 40 years ago because, among other things, he was not allowed to represent himself, Di Stefano said. The prosecutor in the Manson case, however, said Di Stefano's claim has no merit. Manson was assigned a public defender after the judge in his case became frustrated with Manson's behavior while he was acting as his own attorney. Di Stefano said that was a violation of Manson's Sixth Amendment rights and is grounds for a new trial.
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Panopticon Podcast Episode 13 – The Manson Family Mythos with Adam Gorightly

Shadow Over Santa Susana

Panopticon — Podcast Episode 13 — The Manson Family Mythos with Adam Gorightly

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On this episode, we speak with author, podcaster, and musician Adam Gorightly about his book The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control, and the Manson Family Mythos, one of my favorites. We talk about many different facets of that fascinating American cultural phenomenon, the Manson Family, and its possible connection to intelligence agencies, various other cults, and American culture at large. It was a ton of fun to speak with Adam, and we really thank him for taking the time to come on the show with us. Enjoy!
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Charles Manson: Global Warming Prophet

Charles mansonPaul Joseph Watson says that eco-nut James Jay Lee, along with many prominent environmentalists and academics, share their eugenicist belief system with the man who many consider to be evil incarnate, at Prison Planet:

Charles Manson, the man who masterminded the brutal murders of nine people in the summer of 1969 in an effort to spark a race war in America, has adopted a new cause from his prison cell in California – he is a prophet for the global warming movement – sharing common ground with top academics, environmentalists and even the White House science czar in calling for large numbers of human beings to be exterminated in the name of saving the Earth.

A study of Manson’s belief system is an alarming exercise in understanding the roots of the modern day eugenicist movement, which is propagated via the notion that overpopulation is killing the planet and causing global warming.

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How I Met Trent Reznor on Ecstasy at the Charles Manson murder house

Mondo 2000Imagine taking ecstasy at the site of the Charles Manson murders — with Timothy Leary — and then meeting Trent Reznor, Anthony Kiedas (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), and Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers. “With the ecstasy coming on, the entire L.A. media world started to seem like a serene and glittery playground filled with happy children playing grownup and I settled into a comfort zone. The world was a friendly place. Relatively speaking, of course.”

Until they saw a handwritten sign that said “COME IN HERE TO BE KILLED”….

The former editor of Mondo 2000 magazine remembers partying at the former Manson murder house in 1992. Behind the door, he reports, were “Seventeen Illuminati figures, including Marilyn Monroe, George H.W. Bush, David Bowie and The Penguin, all in black robes, huddled over Britney Spears, laying in the center of a Pentagram while Reznor raised his blade.

“OK. I just made that up.… Read the rest

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Adam Gorightly Discusses Black Magic, Mind Control, and the Manson Family Mythos

This premier episode of the Tone Color Alchemy podcast features author and historian Adam Gorightly, discussing his new book The Shadow over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control & the Manson Family Mythos. The conversation centers around Manson’s musical career and the many songwriters who he was in touch with during his life, prior to the Tate-LaBianca murders. Tune in for a discussion of Charlie’s ties to the Church of Satan, the Beach Boys, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Kenneth Anger, Jimmy Page, and Scientology, along with Manson’s musical techniques, 9/11 synchronicities involved in the recordings of his music, and plenty more. Gorightly has an encyclopedic knowledge of this topic and as always, he brings a warm, fun presence to the mix. Enjoy!

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Charles Manson Is My Father

Sometimes it’s better not to poke into your genetic history. The U.K.’s Sun has the scoop on a 41-year-old radio D.J. from Los Angeles who decided to investigate and discovered that Charles Manson is his biological father.

Matthew Roberts had been adopted at birth; twelve years ago, he did the research necessary to locate his birth mother, Terry, in Wisconsin. She finally revealed that she had traveled across the bus with Manson’s “Family” in 1968 and been raped and impregnated by him during a drug-fueled orgy.

Roberts realized that he has Manson’s large forehead and “thick, arched eyebrows and long, thick, dark hair.” He also may have inherited his father’s schizophrenia. The two are now in contact, and Manson mails Roberts “weird stuff and always signs it with his swastika.”

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Was Manson A Political Tool For Destroying Counterculture?

On KPFA’s Guns and Butter, Bonnie Faulkner plays a broadcast from 1971 revealing links between the Tate murders and government actions aiming to sow fear and paranoia of the growing counter-culture of the 60’s. Originally aired on Mae Brussells’ radio show, the segment explores Charles Manson’s life before the infamous murders.

Listen to the full show here.

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