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The Boy Scout Perversion Files: Where Damnation Lies

It’s a sad fact of life that almost wherever an organization exists that gives adults a chance for unmonitored access to children, pedophiles are likely to gather. It’s easy to confuse correlation with causation: “The Catholic Church has a problem with pedophiles because they don’t allow their priests to marry” is one of the more asinine theories I’ve heard. Who among you would resort to preying upon children were you forbidden by social contract to avoid intimate contact with the adults you find sexually attractive? It’s a repulsive implication, and one that should raise more questions about those who posit it than the behavior they seek to explain. No, open access to children along with a plausible justification for having it will attract pedophiles.

Avoiding a segue into the general psychological healthiness of imposed celibacy or criticism of the stated values of organization like the Boy Scouts or the Catholic Church (suffice it to say that I hold major criticisms against both) there is a problem with throwing out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to pedophilia: There are well-meaning priests and good Boy Scout leaders, men who want to help the young people entrusted to their care.… Read the rest

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An Eye for an Eye? Jerry Sandusky, Male Survivors, and Prison Rape

Jamie Utt writes at Change From Within:

Trigger Warning: The following article has content that could prove triggering for survivors of sexual violence.

As the verdict was handed down that Jerry Sandusky, convicted child rapist and former Penn State football coach, would spend the rest of his life in prison, the twitterverse exploded!

(it’s notable that this came from a widely-followed sports reporter)

Now, I have to admit.  While I consider myself on the road to understanding peace through pacifism, few things make me want to inflict violence on another more than violence against children, particularly sexual violence.  It robs children of their innocence and scars them for life; any person that would inflict such violence on a child is seriously disturbed, and they deserve punishment.

But is wishing rape upon those who have committed atrocities the measure by which we should understand justice?

One of the great failures of our so-called “justice” system is that there are virtually no resources or effort put toward healing and rehabilitation. 

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TSA Hired Accused Child Molester Priest To Do Airport Pat Downs

Presumably in his application cover letter, he explained how his skills from one job pertained to the other. Via Philly.com:

About four months after being defrocked by the Diocese of Camden in 2002, Thomas Harkins had a new job as a security officer, including patting down passengers, with the Transportation Security Administration at Philadelphia International Airport.

The TSA hired the former priest before completing a background check, the agency recently confirmed. According to a church document, the diocese revealed to the TSA in 2003 as part of the background check that Harkins had been removed from ministry because of allegations he had molested two grade-school girls. Harkins was never criminally prosecuted, but the diocese settled civil lawsuits for $195,000.

The TSA took no action as a result of the disclosure. “An allegation alone does not warrant dismissal or automatically disqualify applicants from employment with the TSA,” spokeswoman Ann Davis said.

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Virgin Airlines: Men Can’t Sit Near Unaccompanied Minors

Ozy Frantz writes at the Good Men Project:

Virgin Airlines apparently does not allow men to sit next to unaccompanied minor children, but does allow women to do so, apparently out of fear of pedophilia.

Talk about pedophile hysteria. Planes are fucking crowded; you can’t even talk without everyone accidentally overhearing about the time your toddler put Aunt Jenna’s goldfish in the microwave. How the hell is a pedophile supposed to molest or abuse a kid when he’s surrounded by people? He’d end up getting arrested like that. Nevertheless, not having men sit by unaccompanied minors makes everyone feel better, and so we do it, as absurd as it is.

Most pedophiles– just like most rapists, most abusers, most harassers, and most creepers– are good at not getting caught. They tend to molest children who are alone and vulnerable. They put themselves into positions of power or groom the kids or both, so the children don’t feel able to report.

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