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Man Implants Bluetooth-Connected Computer Chip In His Arm

biohacker Via Motherboard, a preview of where you will be in ten years:
Tim Cannon got what is likely the first-ever computer chip implant that can record and transmit his biometrical data. With a battery that can be wirelessly charged, Cannon had it implanted directly under his skin by a fellow biohacking enthusiast, not a doctor, and without anesthesia. Called the Circadia 1.0, the implant can record data from Cannon's body and transfer it to any Android-powered mobile device. In a few months, the first production series of the Circadia chip should be ready. With an expected price of around $500, the chip should be relatively accessible for just about any enthusiast, and will mainly be distributed through the networks of the body modification community.
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The Pharmacy On A Chip Implant

Source: MicroChips

Source: MicroChips

Coming soon, whether we like it or not! The Financial Times reports:

A wirelessly controlled implant, which delivers precise drug doses into the patient’s body, has had a successful first clinical trial, bringing the possibility of the “pharmacy on a chip” that could transform drug delivery closer.

Researchers used the microchip device to give seven women with osteoporosis daily doses of a bone-strengthening hormone that was normally injected. The results were announced at the start of the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting on Thursday.

The device could transform drug delivery and help usher in a new era of telemedicine – delivering healthcare over a distance – said Robert Langer, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where the project started 15 years ago.

“You could literally have a pharmacy on a chip,” he said. “You can do remote control delivery, you can do pulsatile drug delivery, and you can deliver multiple drugs.”

The trial was organised by MicroChips, the MIT spin-out company developing the technology, and carried out in Denmark where there is special expertise in hormone treatment of osteoporosis…

[continues in the Financial Times]

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Virginia Delegates Pass Bill That Bans Chip Implants as ‘Mark of the Beast’

ChipDaniel Tencer reports in the always interesting RAW Story:

Concerns over privacy have aligned with apocalyptic Biblical prophecy in a proposed Virginia law that limits the use of microchip implants on humans because of a lawmaker’s concern that the chips will prove to be the Antichrist’s “mark of the beast.”

On Wednesday, Virginia’s House of Delegates passed a bill that forbids companies from forcing their employees to be implanted with tracking devices, a move likely to be applauded by civil libertarians. But Virginia state Delegate Mark Cole’s reasons for proposing the law have as much to do with the Book of Revelation as they do with concerns over privacy in the digital age.

Cole says he is concerned that the implants will turn out to be the “mark of the beast” worn by Satan’s minions. “My understanding — I’m not a theologian — but there’s a prophecy in the Bible that says you’ll have to receive a mark, or you can neither buy nor sell things in end times,” Cole said, as quoted at the Washington Post.

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