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Scientology’s ‘Age of Answers’ Superbowl Ad

Since when did religions advertise during the American Football entertainment extravaganza known as the Superbowl? The “Church” of Scientology again placed a commercial spot in this year’s telecast, but I’m not sure it actually counts as a religion, so perhaps the answer is still “never.” Here’s the ad:

“We live in an age of searching.
To find solutions.
To find ourselves.
To find the Truth.
Now imagine an age in which the predictability of science
and the wisdom of religion combine.
Welcome to the Age of Answers!”

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Scientology’s Desperate Move To Stop HBO”s ‘Going Clear’

In a story entitled “NYTimes Desperate: Accepts Full Page Scientology Ad Bashing HBO Doc, Compares to Rolling Stone-UVA” Showbiz 411 suggests that the New York Times is so desperate for money that it agreed to run a full page advertisement from the Scientology cult. I’d argue that refusing to take the ad would be de facto censorship and, moreover, the entity that’s truly desperate is Scientology. In fact the Times has reported on the story itself, and filmmaker Alex Gibney has been mocking the Scientologists via Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 6.40.47 PM


The ad is shown below. If the Scientology cult thinks it’s going to make fewer people want to watch the film, I’m afraid they’ve made the same mistake as the radical Islamists who thought that massacring the staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine would stop cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammad from being published.

scientology nyt

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Coincidence Control Network: Ep. 52 – Groovin’ with L. Ron

Coincidence Control Network: File #052 – Grooving with L Ron


This week: Area 51 ain’t no thang, bring on Area 52!, Diana conspiracy: The people say ‘meh’, L Ron Hubbard: Jazz Legend, Some Space News from the mouth of Kim Monaghan, and Film Taaaalk.

PersonnelJoe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, Joseph Matheny, and Ken Eakins


Area 51 declassified Link

Too old. Don’t care – Link

L. Ron Hubbard’s musical hubbub -Link

Black hole action – Link


April March, BS 2000, The Apollo Stars, and Cloroform

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‘The Hole’: Scientology’s Alleged Concentration Camp

Via BoingBoing:

The Village Voice has published an article alleging that the Church of Scientology operates a concentration camp for high-ranking members fallen out of favor with the group:

Debbie Cook was in for only 7 weeks in 2007, but her experience was brutal. She testified that Miscavige had two hulking guards climb into her office through a window as she was talking to him on the phone. “Goodbye” he told her as she was hauled off to the gulag. Like Rinder, she described a place where dozens of men and women were confined to what had been a set of offices. Cook testified that the place was ant-infested, and during one two-week stretch in the summer with temperatures over 100 degrees, Miscavige had the air conditioning turned off as punishment. Food was brought up in a vat riding on a golf cart. Cook described it as a barely edible “slop” that was fed to them morning, noon, and night.

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Tough Time for Scientology Continues with Death in Narconon Treatment Center

The Church of Scientology has been having a rough go of it lately: first there was the very public  separation of high-ranking COS mucky-muck  Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes, then the premiere of the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s thinly disguised film about Scientology, The Master. Now, it seems, the Church has another potential media disaster on their hands: a(nother) death at one of their flagship Narconon treatment center in Canadian, Ok.

According to a story in the Village Voice, a twenty-year old patient, Stacy Dawn Murphy, is reported to have died of an overdose in the center’s withdrawal unit. That makes the third death at the center since October.

A former patient of the center, Colin Henderson, (see Colin’s story here) has been a fierce opponent of Narconon since his own stay in 2007. Henderson stated that he has written to state representative T.W. Shannon numerous times with his concerns about what he described as Narconon’s “quack science” and “low-paid, non-medical staff.” Prior to the incident, Shannon’s response was that he generally supported “faith-based treatment programs” and found nothing wrong with “facilities being up front about their priorities.”

Henderson blames the state’s Department of Mental Health for the young woman’s death and also said that it was obvious to him that Shannon had never read his email.… Read the rest

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