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Act Out! on CISPA and mass surveillance in our private areas

Republished from Occupy.com/actout with permission. 

On this “Front Lines” segment of Act Out! Eleanor dives into the shadowy expanses of mass surveillance – highlights include the zombie bill CISPA, serial killers, NSA raps and Chamber of Commerce orgies!

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CISPA Cybersurveillance Bill Passes In House Of Representatives

CISPAHere’s crossing your fingers that Obama stands strong on his threat to veto if the bill make it through the U.S. Senate. Via CNET on Thursday:

By a 288-127 vote today, the House adopted the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, better known as CISPA. CISPA would authorize e-mail and Internet providers to share confidential information with the federal government.

The odds of a Democrat-controlled Senate the approving legislation opposed by President Obama are slim, but today’s vote could increase pressure for some sort of legislation this year.

CISPA is “so important to our national security” that it must be adopted, said Rep. Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican who authored CISPA and heads the House Intelligence Committee.

CISPA is controversial because it overrules all existing laws by saying “notwithstanding any other provision of law,” including privacy policies and wiretap laws, companies may share cybersecurity-related information “with any other entity, including the federal government.”

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Congress To Attempt CISPA Again, Plus Horsemeat Sold As ‘Beef

Life in 2013 is starting to resemble a modern-day Upton Sinclair novel. Congress plans to re-introduce surveillance bill CISPA completely unchanged, citing recent cyberattacks. Will they take out the most worrying aspects of CISPA before trying again? Negative. As The Next Web reported, CISPA will be attempted again "in its exact previous form." Oh, and your delicious supermarket "beef" may contain up to 100% horsemeat.
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CISPA is a ‘Patriot Act for the Web’


With the House of Representatives’ approval of the controversial CISPA bill, Internet users are worried about possible consequences. RT spoke to Internet activist Aaron Swartz, who said CISPA could be used to spy on people.

­RT: Can you explain the difference between this legislation and the previous controversial bills aimed at combating piracy?

Aaron Swartz: The previous bills were about giving the government the power to censor the Internet. And this is more like a Patriot Act for the Internet. It sort of lets the government run roughshod over privacy protections and share personal data about you, take it from Facebook and Internet providers and use it without the normal privacy protections that are in the law.

RT: So as far as individuals are concerned, is it worse than the previous ones?

AS: Yes, it’s worse because it does allow the government to shut down websites for ‘national security’ reasons.

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