civil disobedience

Decarcerate PA creates a surreal scene in its effort to impede the construction of a new state correctional facility:

Early morning November 19, seven members of Decarcerate PA set up school desks, banners, and a little red schoolhouse to block the entrance to the prison construction site in Montgomery County. They then sat at the desks, linking arms and refusing to move or allow construction vehicles onto the sight. Construction was delayed for over an hour before all seven protesters were arrested and taken away.

The new prisons are being built on the grounds of SCI Graterford in Montgomery County. If completed, they will cost $400 million and house 4,100 people. We believe these prisons must be stopped, and that the money should be reinvested in our schools and communities.

What does civil disobedience mean to you? That’s what the identity-shifting Yes Men want you to know. Then, they want you to take to the streets and protest bad companies and bad ideas. Here’s the thing – they want you to enjoy yourself while your raging against the machine! Check out the real men behind the Yes Men, as they reveal their true selves on Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf.

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