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puppets vs FCC

Puppets vs. the FCC

Re-published with permission from Art Killing Apathy

On the eve of the FCC decision to uphold Net Neutrality, activists provided an artful activism show of continued support for digital rights and freedoms.

Yesterday’s victory would not have been possible without the push of the people. It is a tremendous show of people power over corporate power and something to be proud of. This action not only proves that people can win against the titans of corporatocracy but that we can have fun doing it!

Get creative – this battle is won but the fight for the net is far from over.

Jumbotron by Free Press

Street theater by Backbone Campaign

Film clips from Killswitch  

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The City Council of Worcester, MA Says Comcast is Not Welcome


via Ars Technica:

The City Council in Worcester, MA does not want Comcast coming anywhere near its residents. The cable company is seeking a license transfer from Charter as part of a customer swap that’s tied to its purchase of Time Warner Cable, but the council is trying to block it.

“It’s a terrible company,” City Councilor Gary Rosen said after a vote last night, pointing to Comcast’s “deplorable and substandard” customer service in other municipalities. “In my opinion, they should not be welcome in this city. Comcast is a wolf in wolf’s clothing; it’s that bad. They are awful, no doubt about it. Maybe we can’t stop it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak out.”

The vote is advisory only, the paper wrote. If Augustus takes no action today, the transfer will automatically be approved. If he rejects the transfer, Comcast is expected to appeal the decision to the state cable commission.

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The Future of Suck: My Recent Dealings with Comcast/Xfinity

comcrap1I wouldn’t normally take to the internet to gripe about a bad customer service experience mainly because I don’t have them very often. But Comcast horror stories have become a bit of an internet meme in the last few months and I unintentionally just had an experience with them that completely blew my mind in its more than impressive suck-i-tude. Worse than either one of those videos that went viral quite honestly. More to the point, due to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, cable airwaves and cable internet are for some reason not considered a public interest and were basically just divided up between a few corporations who essentially work as monopolies in many areas to this day. As point of fact, when I moved into my old place a decade ago, there was no alternative to Comcast if I wanted cable internet, which I did. Now apparently there might be one other alternative, and that change just happened in the last year.… Read the rest

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The Most Hated Company In America

Comcastcenter vertical.jpg

Comcast Center

In our recent poll about the most hated companies, Monsanto was the overwhelming choice of disinfonauts with a landslide 40% of well over 1,000 votes. However, The Verge is profiling Comcast (5th in our poll with just 5% of votes) as America’s most hated company, asking “What happens when the most unpopular company in the US merges with the runner-up?”

Comcast’s corporate headquarters, Comcast Center, is the tallest building in Philadelphia. It’s covered in mirrors, which makes it the perfect metaphor for the company, one former employee says; no matter where you go, the glare is in your eyes.

It seems a lot of people share that sentiment.

Comcast earned Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” title twice, first in 2010 and again this year, 2014. It ranks at the very bottom of the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, underperforming even the rest of the cable industry, where “high prices, poor reliability, and declining customer service” are endemic.

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Paul Krugman: Comcast and Time Warner ‘Barons of Broadband’

Pic: PD

Pic: PD

Paul Krugman rightly casts a jaundiced eye at the Comcast/Time Warner merger…

Via New York Times:

Last week’s big business news was the announcement that Comcast, a gigantic provider of cable TV and high-speed Internet service, has reached a deal to acquire Time Warner Cable, which is merely huge. If regulators approve the deal, Comcast will be an overwhelmingly dominant player in the business, with around 30 million subscribers.

So let me ask two questions about the proposed deal. First, why would we even think about letting it go through? Second, when and why did we stop worrying about monopoly power?

On the first question, broadband Internet and cable TV are already highly concentrated industries, with a handful of corporations accounting for most of the customers. Once upon a time antitrust authorities, looking at this situation, would probably have been trying to cut Comcast down to size. Letting it expand would have been unthinkable.

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FCC Commissioner, Meredith Attwell Baker, Who Approved Comcast-NBC Universal Merger, Leaving to Join Comcast

Meredith Attwell BakerEdward Wyatt writes in the NY Times Media Decoder:
Four months after the Federal Communications Commission approved a hotly contested merger of Comcast and NBC Universal, one of the commissioners who voted for the deal said on Wednesday that she would soon join Comcast’s Washington lobbying office. Meredith Attwell Baker, a former Commerce Department official who worked on telecommunications issues in George W. Bush’s administration, announced that she would leave the F.C.C. when her term expires at the end of June. At Comcast, she will serve as senior vice president for government affairs for NBC Universal, which Comcast acquired in January. The announcement drew immediate criticism from some groups that had opposed the Comcast-NBC merger. They said the move was indicative of an ethically questionable revolving door between regulatory agencies and the companies they oversee.
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Keith Olbermann Suspended by MSNBC

Photo: kirstenlovesputi (CC)

Photo: kirstenlovesputi (CC)

Wow — Comcast (owners of NBC) didn’t waste any time coming to terms with the United States’ political shift to the right! The leading liberal television commentator Keith Olbermann is left in the dust… From the New York Times:

Keith Olbermann, the top anchor on MSNBC, was suspended on Friday after the channel discovered that he had made campaign contributions to three Democrats.

The MSNBC president, Phil Griffin, issued a statement saying, “I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay.”

No one at NBC News would speculate about what this might mean for Mr. Olbermann’s future, though one NBC executive suggested this was not a step toward firing him.

Politico had reported Friday morning that Mr. Olbermann’s contributions were in apparent violation of MSNBC policy.

Mr. Olbermann hosts the most popular program on MSNBC, “Countdown.” He worked at MSNBC in the late 1990s and re-joined the channel in 2003.

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