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Watch George Carlin and Bill Hicks Call Bullshit on the American Dream

comedians-tell-more-truthPeople knew early on that George Carlin was an anti-establishment comic. He hosted the very first broadcast of Saturday Night Live and turned what could have been a family-friendly monologue into a searing indictment of American culture.

Bill Hicks followed in the same tradition, eschewing the easy laugh in order to rip apart our national myths and expose the often sickening charade of democracy we see in popular culture and mainstream media. Between these two, we get what is undoubtedly the most important social satire since Mark Twain.

89 percent of the American public distrusts the government. Unfortunately, much of that distrust is either faked or suppressed. Just wait for the next major geopolitical or domestic scandal to pop up and then see how many of your friends actually question the official narrative that the government shoves down our throats with the help of mainstream media.

Below is a highlight reel of these two counter-culture heroes’ best deconstructions of the American Dream:

Government Does Not Exist for the People: Freedom Is An Illusion

George Carlin states his view on the government plainly:

“I have certain rules I live by.Read the rest

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Lee Camp: ‘The John Oliver of Russia Today’

LeeCamp BW alley lighter“The John Oliver of Russia Today” is how Salon describes Lee Camp, well known to long-time disinfonauts for his comedic rants (see our  video archive here) and now the star of his own show on RT, Redacted Tonight:

Americans are looking to a growing assortment of comedians to help them digest the news and respond to current events. On one end of the spectrum, we have “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report,” which offer a temporary reprieve from the lunacy of the 24/7 news cycle. Liberal as their leanings are, their targets are outlandish enough that many moderates and conservatives can enjoy their takedowns, too. In the world outside cable news, Bill Maher and John Oliver dial the anger up a few notches. “Last Week Tonight” has become America’s moral compass in just a few months on the air. Then there’s Russell Brand’s YouTube rants against Fox News pundits, which are angrier still.

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The Great White Stanhope: Excess In Moderation

Photo: Tom Brogan (CC)

[disinfo ed.’s note: this original essay was first published by disinformation on February 8, 2002. Some links may have expired.]

I can’t exactly recall how I first came across the peculiar comedy of Doug Stanhope. I think it was just after Disinformation had published an article I had written expressing my controversial opinions of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks (or maybe it was some other article altogether – I can’t recall), however I remember receiving an email from a guy claiming to be a US comedian who said he liked what I had written and that he would add me to his mailing list. I, of course, saw this as an opportunity to put him on my own mailing list (for my site) since being an opportunistic bastard, I like to promote my deranged writings whenever at all possible (well, some poor fucker has got to tell the truth, even if it does mean almost getting lynched, or risking being sued for libel, or having to occasionally hide behind obscure pseudonyms so that I don’t get sacked from my inspiringly creative day job).… Read the rest

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The DisinfoCast with Matt Staggs: Brody Stevens, “Enjoy It!”

Picture: Brody Stevens, HBO (C)

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We’ve got comedian Brody Stevens, fresh off of his HBO Digital Series “Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!”

“Enjoy It!” is a documentary comedy series that follows Brody as he pulls his life back together in the aftermath of a very public mental breakdown (fans and the world witnessed it via Twitter). Out of the UCLA psych ward, back on his meds, and trying to get his stand-up and film career back on track, Brody makes the rounds in LA, with pal Zach Galifianakis and others in tow, reconnecting and reconciling with the recognizable faces in the biz that he’d let down.

Brody talks with me about his life post-“Enjoy It!”, how his medication change has affected his comedy, and what it’s been like trying to mend relationships that were strained – and sometimes broken – during his manic episode.… Read the rest

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