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Sarah Silverman: Anger Over “Political Correctness” is a Sign of “Being Old”

“To a degree, everyone’s going to be offended by something,” Silverman said in an interview with Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith. “So you can’t just decide on your material based on not offending anyone. But, I do think it’s important, as a comedian, as a human, to change with the times. I think it’s a sign of being old if you’re put off by that.”

h/t AlterNet.

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Chuck Tingle Pounds Disinformation in the Ass

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 12.52.35 PM

Dr. Chuck Tingle is an erotic author and Tae Kwon Do grandmaster. After receiving his PhD at DeVry University in holistic massage, Chuck found himself fascinated by all things sensual, leading to his creation of the “tingler,” a story so blissfully erotic that it cannot be experienced without eliciting a sharp tingle down the spine.

Chuck and I recently met at the bar at Howard Johnsons in Billings Montana to talk literature.

3979026_origChuck, thanks for talking to me. A lot of your books are about being pounded in the ass by things like unicorns, dinosaurs, and bosses. You even have one book that is about being pounded in the ass by your own ass. What is it about ass poundings that inspires you so much?

Well this is the part of writing that makes me feel like a goofball, man you are not supposed to talk about that part.… Read the rest

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Stewart Lee on Political Correctness

From 41st Best Stand Up Ever (2008). Commentary over the video is from Lee’s book, “How I Escaped My Certain Fate: The Life and Deaths of a Stand-Up Comedian.”

“If political correctness has achieved one thing, it’s to make the conservative party cloak its inherent racism behind more creative language.”

“Even in my carefully filtered crowds, to which I attempt to apply the most thorough social-screening procedures, there could be trouble. When I did this bit in Hastings, where a sixteen-year-old Qatari student was randomly murdered by a white gang in 2008, some guys started shouting out ‘rag-heads, rag-heads’, and it was hard to plot a course back to the core of the routine as I saw it when the vibe of the room had been thus altered. They apologised, embarrassed, at the end, and I think they were just overexcited.”

“I’m absolutely sick of people blaming the restrictions created by health and safety culture, itself exacerbated in turn by a trend towards increased litigation, on the political and ideological doctrine of political correctness.… Read the rest

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Exploding Bugs: Christian Man Tries to Disprove Evolution

Dr. Martin continued to believe in evolution after converting to Christianity — that is until he started doing some research of his own. He came to the conclusion that certain creatures, such as the bombardier beetle, simply defy evolutionary theory.

Here’s how the host explains it, “His first study was of a beetle that really should’ve exploded and shouldn’t even exist.”

How’s that for solid logic?


h/t Christian Nightmares. Follow them on Twitter.

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If We Fought Cancer Like The War on Drugs

The war on drugs has been an abysmal failure since it’s half-witted inception.

It is based on many faulty assumptions, not least of which is the ridiculous idea that treating normal people who happen to use drugs like criminals will somehow help them stop using drugs. When we apply this same logic to fighting a ‘War on Cancer’, we see how utterly senseless and vile it really is.

This video is a much needed comedic ‘wake-up call’ to everyone who doesn’t get that attacking drug users (or cancer victims) is a bad way of doing anything.

If you enjoyed that video, please take the time to listen to the full length podcasts SRSLY WRONG 48 – DRUG WARS EPISODE IV: THERE’S NO HOPE and SRSLY WRONG 49 – DRUG WARS V: WHITE SUPREMACY STRIKES BACK.

So, when you’re going out into the world today, we want you to remember just a few things:
– The drug war has been a massive, 40 year failure.… Read the rest

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Green Party Youth Leader ‘Gives Up’ and Goes to Work for an Oil Company

Michael Dewar, former Canadian Green Party youth leader and candidate, says that he has given up caring about the environment, and taken a lucrative position working in the tar sands of northern Alberta.

In an interview on the Srsly Wrong podcast back in August 2014, Dewar spoke about his conversion to Libertarian Capitalism, and a thoroughly self-interested ideology, saying that “You might think you are helping out by putting your energy to the cause of helping other people, but in fact you are just wasting your time.”

Dewar became exhausted as his political efforts seemed to yield no effect, and expressed his belief that catastrophic climate change was now unavoidable. He said he has adopted a lifestyle dubbed ‘Partyboat Nihilism,’ which holds that human beings face inevitable extinction, and we must adopt a hedonistic, selfish lifestyle to make the best of it.

However, as jobs in the oilfield have become more scarce due to dropping Saudi Arabian oil prices, Mike Dewar has found himself finding fewer and fewer opportunities for work.… Read the rest

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The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Establishment-Friendly Edginess

Washington D.C. is, as the old saying goes, “like Hollywood for ugly people.” Lawmakers, policy wonks, and (lest we forget) lobbyists didn’t work their way inside the beltway just to sit around all day being prestigious, they like a bit of spectacle just like the rest of us. And if that spectacle ultimately serves to inflate their already bloated egos, all the better.

And thus, the rationale for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (or “WHCD”, if you’re one of those pretentious assholes who also insists on calling the president the “POTUS” and the supreme court the “SCOTUS”). It’s a night for the DC establishment to show us common folks that they don’t take themselves too seriously — which, incidentally, is something they’re very serious about.

Perhaps the most memorable Correspondents’ Dinner came in 2006, with Stephen Colbert’s epic roast of George W. Bush. It was a cathartic moment for everyone fed up with Bush’s disastrous presidency, and it had such a profound effect on Bush that he continued to be a disaster all the way up to the end of his term, at which point he decamped to Dallas to draw pictures of dogs and Vladimir Putin.… Read the rest

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Satirized for Your Consumption

eyecmore (CC BY 2.0)

eyecmore (CC BY 2.0)

Humor doesn’t necessarily heal.  Ben Schwartz writes at the Baffler:

We live in an age of satirical excess. If economists were to diagnose it, they might well call it a comedy bubble. We currently have six late-night talk show hosts, all nattily clad, life-of-the-party, white-guy topical jokers—Conan, Kimmel, Fallon, James Corden, Seth Meyers, and (come September) Colbert—to sum up, and send up, our day for us. We have four comedy news-commentary shows—Maher, Larry Wilmore, John Oliver, and (for a little while longer) Stewart—and fake news from SNL’s Weekend Update, The Onion, ClickHole, and several lesser lights. Vines, viral Funny or Die clips, podcasts, Twitter: each new media platform generates stars of its own, ranging from seasoned comedians to everyday office wits—often, people who have no intention of seeking careers as professional humorists. It would be easy to sniff in condescending high-gatekeeper form and talk of the low signal-to-noise ratio of truly funny people to not, but with 280 million active users on Twitter alone, that still leaves a pretty big signal.

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