Appearing on Conan, Louis C.K. brilliantly deconstructs why he hates the technology surrounding us and why he won’t allow his kids to have smartphones – they become tools for avoiding sadness and loneliness, and thus a true understanding of the self:

Princess Intervention – Relapse In the second episode of “Princess Intervention” Benny teaches Becca the truth about the Royal Family. If you thought the Royal baby was cute, then check this video…

JoyCamp Takes On… JoyCamp takes on over 100 “conspiracies” in under 4 minutes. (Even more in the extended version & outtakes). More JoyCamp videos at:

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Ask people about Lee Camp, and they’ll compare him to some of comedy’s greats, like George Carlin and Bill Hicks. While those are valid comparisons, Lee has his own voice, a style of politically charged humor that has garnered praise from his fellow comics and the public alike. He is infamous (or famous, depending on who you ask) for his appearance on Fox News in which he described the network “a parade of propaganda and festival of ignorance” live on the air. Through his Moment of Clarity podcasts, live performances and written work, Lee Camp has become a human loudspeaker voicing the too-often quiet frustrations of an increasingly exasperated American public.

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