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86-Year-Old Veteran Chronicles His Life in Rage Comic

RageNot something you would expect from an 86-year-old. Andy Khouri writes on Comics Alliance:

“Rage comics” are a memetic phenomenon by which crude digital drawings of different facial expressions and physical gestures are remixed infinitely by countless individuals to convey the elation, despair, love and hatred of the Internet hive mind. We usually talk about these comics in ironically grandiose terms (like when a rage comic face appeared in a man’s testicular sonogram) but the truth is that many of them are genuinely hilarious reads (like the Rage Comics All Stars’ “performance” of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”), and some are even quite touching.

Because rage comics typically express primal responses to utterly mundane but often “scene”-specific experiences, it would seem unlikely that an 86-year-old man would be the author of what many Reddit users are calling the greatest rage comic ever made. Published earlier this week on the man’s birthday, the comic details in deeply personal terms the events of his life, beginning with his earlier memories from childhood and including his service in World War II, estrangement from his children and discovery of true love.

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How The Family Circus Confronted the Web

Dysfunctional Family CircusTuesday cartoonist Bil Keane died at the age of 89 — and one webmaster fondly remembers how Keane gracefully confronted unauthorized parodies on the internet.

Keane was a good sport about fake Amazon reviews that gushed about supposedly hidden literary themes in collections of his newspaper comic strips, and he once even drew his own characters into a “guest appearance” in a Zippy the Pinhead strip. But in 1999, Keane’s syndicate threatened legal action against the “Dysfunctional Family Circus” site, which had been re-captioning Keane’s cartoons for over four years.

Heading off a “free speech” showdown, Keane resolved the situation with a friendly phone call to the webmaster, who ultimately decided to voluntarily remove the images just because “He’s actually a nice guy.”

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The Radical 1930s Cartoons Of Syd Hoff

Cartooning legend Syd Hoff wrote comics for the New Yorker for 44 years and illustrated dozens of children’s books. However, under the alias A. Redfield, he also created work with a harder-hitting tone for the Daily Worker and New Masses. Via Phil Nel, a collection of Hoff’s political cartoons, which remain as poignant and relevant as ever, in light of the world we live in today:


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Superman’s Biggest Fan Has Plastic Surgery To Resemble Superhero

When you already have the comics, the costumes, the movies and other paraphernalia, what's left? Your body of course... the RealSelf blog has the details:
A man in the Philippines has had multiple cosmetic surgeries in order to look like Superman. Reporter Marie Lozano of Bandila news Tweeted this picture earlier as a teaser to her upcoming story: plastic surgery to look like superman With the translating help of Maureen F. from our doctor advisory team, we’ve been able to suss out some of the details of this story.  We’ll continue to update as we understand more. According to the report, Superman wannabe Herbert Chavez, 35, has been going under the knife since 1995 to achieve his heroic appearance.  So far...
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Rick Veitch’s ‘The Big Lie’ 9/11 Truth Comic (Interview)

Via We Are Change Atlanta:

As we approach the 10th anniversary of  the September 11th attacks, there still exists an almost complete blackout in mainstream media of the voluminous forensic evidence that demands an immediate and independent new investigation of that fateful day.

Enter The Big Lie a new comic book dealing with the September 11th attacks from the vantage point of a time traveller who has returned on 9/11 to try to warn her husband and avert the catastrophe. We here at We Are Change Atlanta were fortunate enough to be granted an interview with one of the creators, Rick Veitch, who  partnering with other concerned artivists at Truth Be Told Comics promise to continue to ask the big questions and tackle more of the ‘The Big Lies’ of our time with their graphic novels.

We Are Change Atlanta (WACA): First of all I would like to say having read The Big Lie that you have done a great service to our country and to the memory of all the lives lost because of 9/11 by creating this work.

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Grant Morrison Sings a Song Given to Him by John Lennon in a Magick Ritual [Video]

Thanks to Comics Alliance for this magick moment from Grant Morrison:
Just what the headline says, people. Grant Morrison performed this song during a recent event at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, thanks to the urging of My Chemical Romance frontman (and Umbrella Academy writer) Gerard Way. As Way explained, Morrison was given this song by the spirit of John Lennon, which Morrison communed with in a magic ritual while writing The Invisibles...
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Image Comics’ ‘The Big Lie’ Asks Some Big Questions

The Big LieBrian Truitt writes in USA Today:

It has been nearly 10 years since 9/11, and the tragedy is still on the minds of many Americans. One of those, writer and artist Rick Veitch, is convinced we haven’t been told the complete truth about it.

The questions surrounding that fateful day power the themes and story of his new Image Comics series The Big Lie, which debuts Sept. 7 and reteams Veitch with fellow artist Gary Erskine.

Veitch structured the story similarly to the 1963 Twilight Zone episode “No Time Like the Past,” in which a man uses a time machine to try to “fix” three events: warning a Hiroshima policeman about the atomic bomb, assassinating Hitler before World War II and stopping the sinking of the Lusitania.

In The Big Lie, the heroine is a woman named Sandra, who lost her husband, Carl, during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

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