By Emma Goldman, via the Anarchist Library: Is the child to be considered as an individuality, or as an object to be moulded according to the whims and fancies of those about…

More from the just-deceased Neil Smith — a classic dissection of how to properly read and understand the USA Today newspaper:

Each edition of USA Today has four seperate sections aimed at the broadest possible appeal — there’s News, Money, Sports, Life — who could object to that?


Want to see how people will change to fit in? In 1962, groundbreaking social psychologist Solomon Asch teamed up with the television show Candid Camera to demonstrate how quickly a basic social norm (how people stand in an elevator) could be reversed using group conformity. Just imagine all the behaviors and beliefs you could get tricked into following, via the power of social pressure. (The elevator experiment was still effective when replicated in the present day on the University of South Florida campus.)

NumberSixGrenadeI managed to catch the first two hours of the Prisoner remake on AMC and am hoping the next four (it’s a six-hour mini-series) really picks up and does something remarkable. Curious to know what all you fans of the original series think (which can be viewed on AMC’s site here).

No spoilers here, but Number 6 is now played by Jim Caviezel (photo right) of The Passion of the Christ fame and Number 2 by actor extraordinaire, Ian McKellen. (Please note, some spoilers are below):

Charlie Jane Anders writes on

The Prisoner used its premise of a spy trapped in an idyllic, but oppressive, village to ask questions about individuality in a conformist, overly processed society. Here are six ways last night’s remake throws away that rich premise…