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Seattle, please go–city council wants you out of your home

An independent YouTuber rants about his complaints against the storm of bad decisions reigning through Seattle. Most of the video is an analysis of the city council choosing to send the city housing committee a request to restrict people from living in single-family homes. Which is a fancy way to say “house.”

The thinking—I guess—is that families who choose to live in houses, instead of townhouses or apartments, contribute to an increased use in water and resources.

The city’s draft letter on the position also states that because single-family homes use a lot land, having too many of them could limit the land available to apartment complexes. This could result in tenement owners having to cram families together into a smaller space. And because lots of white people live in single-family homes and lots of minorities live in apartments, owning a single-family home is deemed racist by the Seattle city council in their draft letter.… Read the rest

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‘What a Conspiracy Theorist Believes’

The-New-Yorker-Logo-1Another day, another smug, politically-motivated take on the beliefs of others. One man’s conspiracy is another’s truth.

Via New Yorker:

But, over all, the trends were clear. The more people believed in free-market ideology, the less they believed in climate science; the more they accepted science in general, the more they accepted the conclusions of climate science; and the more likely they were to be conspiracy theorists, the less likely they were to believe in climate science.

These results fit in with a longer literature on what has come to be known as “motivated reasoning.” Other things being equal, people tend to believe what they want to believe, and to disbelieve new information that might challenge them. The classic study for this came in the nineteen-sixties, shortly after the first Surgeon General’s report on smoking and lung cancer, which suggested that smoking appeared to cause lung cancer. A careful survey revealed that (surprise!) smokers were less persuaded than nonsmokers were.

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