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Al-Qaeda Tells Iran: Stop Spreading 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

911In its commemorative ten-year-anniversary 9/11 issue, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire magazine attacks Iran for spreading doubt and conspiracy theories regarding the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. (Also: I think al-Qaeda uses the same stock photo services as pharmaceutical websites.) Posted via Public Intelligence.

There have been plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding the events of 9/11. These conspiracy theorists believe that the U.S. government manufactured the attacks while others believe that it was the Israeli Mossad who was behind them. They site claims such as the Pentagon was not hit by a plane but by a rocket, and that the World Trade center building number seven was brought down by a controlled demolition. The prescribers to these theories have been some scattered individuals here and there who do not posses the research capabilities and capacities that are only available to governments. However, there has been one exception: the government of Iran.

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Jesse Ventura Back With More Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse VenturaLike him or loathe him, Jesse Ventura has achieved the mostly impossible: giving national TV airtime to conspiracy theories (of the unofficial variety). TVByTheNumbers regurgitates the press release that a third season of conspiracies is coming soon, with Jesse’s son and Oliver Stone’s son joining the team:

If there’s an urban legend or Conspiracy Theory out there, Jesse Ventura is determined to get to the bottom of it. The soldier, wrestler, politician and best-selling author is hitting the road for the third season of truTV’s hit series Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. The new season promises even more mystery and mayhem as the rebel and freethinker investigates secrets “they” don’t want people to know. Upping the ante against alleged cover-ups, Jesse and veteran team member June Sarpong will be joined by a “new generation” of conspiracy busters: Jesse’s own son, Tyrel Ventura, and Sean Stone, son of controversial Oscar®-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone (JFK).

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Media Roots Interview with Black Ops/Secrecy Researcher Trevor Paglen

Via Media Roots:

Trevor Paglen’s work deliberately blurs the lines between science, contemporary art, journalism, and other disciplines to construct unfamiliar, yet meticulously researched ways to see and interpret the world around us. He is also the author of several books: Torture Taxi, the first book to comprehensively cover the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program; I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to be Destroyed by Me, a book looking at the world of black projects through unit patches and memorabilia created for top-secret programs; and Blank Spots on the Map: The Dark Geography of the Pentagon’s Secret World, a book that gives a broader look at secrecy in the United States.

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Alec Baldwin: 9/11 Truther?

New York Magazine‘s Daily Intel asks why Alec Baldwin is alluding to 9/11 conspiracy theories on Twitter:

The actor and potential mayoral hopeful had a late Twitter session overnight, as he’s been known to do, in which he answered questions from followers. At the end, he went on a particularly uncomfortable tangent. “Do you think Bin Laden was behind 9-11?” he wrote, followed by two messages about the counter-terrorist exercise Amalgam Virgo, a favorite talking point of the truther movement. When Baldwin was asked if it was “a little late to make that accusation” by a follower, he replied, “what ‘accusation?’” and concluded: “9-11 …….. what have we learned?”

Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 8.13.06 AM

For one, we’ve learned that people are not generally thrilled when September 11 is invoked with doubt as to its perpetrators, whether it’s a joke or not. Baldwin, who’s hosting a public forum next month about 9/11, is a noted provocateur and a master with the press, so it’s possible that he’s poking fun at the truther contingent or just getting himself some attention.

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The Bilderberg Group’s Tax Returns

As a rule of thumb, when Henry Kissinger and Coca Cola are involved with something behind closed doors, it’s probably not good. Parapolitical notes:

Document sharing site Public Intelligence has posted the 2008 and 2009 tax returns of the American Friends of Bilderberg, the U.S. fundraising arm of The Bilderberg Group.

According to the returns, the group received $775,500 in contributions from U.S. sources during 2008 and 2009 to help cover the expenses of the organization’s once-per-year meeting for 150 invitees. Donors included Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, the Washington Post Company, PayPal founder Peter Thiel and former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.


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Was Pakistan Hiding Osama Bin Laden?

Del474753Bin Laden was discovered not in the godforsaken, lawless borderlands but living in a million-dollar mansion in a touristy suburb nearby Pakistan’s top military academy. Steve Coll of the New Yorker writes that the Pakistani military was obviously sheltering bin Laden and that al-Qaeda’s other top leaders are likely being given safe haven as well, but the United States simply cannot press the issue — Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is “too big to fail”:

Abbottabad in the hills to the north of the capital of Islamabad, is in an area where much of the land is controlled or owned by the Pakistan Army and retired army officers. The city is most notable for housing the Pakistan Military Academy, the Pakistan Army’s premier training college, equivalent to West Point.

Looking at maps and satellite photos, I saw the wide expanse of the Academy not far from where the million-dollar, heavily secured mansion where bin Laden lived was constructed in 2005.

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Why Conspiracy Theories Die Hard

[Disclaimer: By posting this article I do not mean to advocate the mainstream view that conspiracies are impossible.  Both evidence and logic suggest to me that not only do some exist, but most are small and banal, and thus common.  Nonetheless, this article describes one reason we should not swallow any old conspiracy theory just because its purported villain is someone we don't identify with, but instead regularly question "the truth" as we believe we "know" it.  Of course that includes those who don't believe in conspiracies.]

Picture 2

From CNN:

Recent polls have found that as much as 15% to 20% of the public, including about 30% to 45% of Republicans, falsely believe that President Barack Obama was not born in this country. Will Wednesday’s release of Obama’s long-form birth certificate put an end to the birther myth?The odds aren’t good. The problem is that people can be extremely resistant to unwelcome factual information.

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Did Saddam Hussein Call Parliament Member Hassan al-Allawi?

Saddam Hussein’s execution in 2006 was quickly publicized all over YouTube. Now the video sharing site has brought us a prank call that fuels the theory of Hussein still being alive. During a dinner party, Hussein supposedly called Hassan al-Allawi, a former Ba’ath Party member and member of Parliament, with a voice that was quite convincing. The entire report can be read at The New York Times. Below is a recording of the phone call along with an English translation:

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Obama’s Birth Address Is Middle Of Highway

The White House thought it had us all fooled with today’s long-form Hawaiian birth certificate release, but that was until the latest revelation emerged. Enter 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, the supposed address of Obama’s childhood home, into Google Street View, and the red arrow points to ground in the middle of a freeway! Nice try, Barack Hussein, we’re too smart for you!

Update: this was intended to be humorous. But, apparently, it’s not too far off from actual “birther” arguments.

Via The Cheat Sheet tumblr:

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Jesse Ventura Visits Disinformation (Video)

Ventura 63 DocsJesse Ventura resumed his conversation with Gary Baddeley while visiting disinformation‘s NYC offices to promote his new book, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read.

They covered everything from joining Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election to the fall of World Trade Center 7 on 9/11, discussing many topics along the way including Colony Collapse Disorder, fluoride in municipal water supplies, legalization of drugs, and much more.

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