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33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True: What Every Person Should Know…

FnordWhat follows are some of the most shocking modern conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, after thorough investigation.

At the New World Order Report, Jonathan Elinoff provides a much more extensive presentation of how I introduce 9/11 in my lectures and essays. (He barely mentions 9/11 as it turns out — but he doesn’t really need to because of all the other Truth he presents that paves the way!)

My own approach to 9/11 has been not only about the reality of the dark side of human nature, but all about context — amply demonstrating that 9/11 is just one more monstrous manipulation of world events — and that OF COURSE “our leaders” would do it, because just look at how many times they’ve done it before!

But of course that means newbies coping with the SHOCK that almost all of the U.S. and World History we’ve been taught is JUST ONE BIG FAIRY-TALE.… Read the rest

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False Flag Cyber Attack

Steve Watson warns of false flag attacks in cyberspace that could take down the Internet, at InfoWars:
An increasing clamour to restrict and control the internet on behalf of the government, the Pentagon, the intelligence community and their private corporate arms, could result in a staged cyber attack being used as justification. Over recent months we have seen a great increase in media coverage of inflated fears over a possible “electronic Pearl Harbor” event, with reports claiming that the U.S. could be "felled within 15 minutes". Vastly over-hyped (and in some cases completely asinine) claims that the power grids and other key infrastructure such as rail networks and water sources are wired up to the public internet have permeated such coverage.
Is the United States government or outside forces the real threat to cyber security? Alex Jones says that the government is trying to silence free speech in America by expanding their reach on the internet. He also says his own personal sites have been censored, even deleted.
Threats against computer networks in the United States are grossly exaggerated...
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“The Official 9/11 Story … Accept Without Question”

Nathan Janes writes at PUPAGANDA.com:

In the United States today, true investigative journalism is rare. Much of the news circulated by mainstream media is only a presentation of information handed down from the government. Major media functions as a gatekeeper of information, creating consensus among Americans on an array of topics including the popularly held beliefs about September 11, 2001.

An atmosphere has been created where questioning the official explanation or asking for a reinvestigation is seen as blasphemy. Individuals who do so are labeled anarchist, conspiracy theorist, domestic terrorist, and anti-government. Politicians and other public figures who have voiced concerns about the 9/11 Commission Report have been invited on national news programs only to be pressured to renounce previous statements about 9/11 and publicly reject any affiliation to the group 9/11 Truth. While a critical analysis of the 9/11 Commission Report is absent from mainstream media, a number of questions go unanswered and unrecognized by most Americans.… Read the rest

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The Black Fridays: Esoteric Jam Session With Tracy Twyman

The Black Fridays Episode 18 — Tracy Twyman

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tracy twymanWes flies solo tonight and is joined in an esoteric jam session with none other than Tracy Twyman. Tracy should be no stanger to our listerners as she is one of the most prolific researchers covering our little corner of the world.

Covering everything from the Grail Legends to Tracy’s metamorphasis into a first-class economic researcher, we cover just about everything she has ever done! We hope you enjoy…

You can find Tracy here and here is Tracy’s new podcast.

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Fluoride In Water Latest Volcano Health Concern

It’s long been known that fluoride is a serious threat to health, causing many to question it’s being added to municipal water systems. Advocates of fluoride in water routinely dismiss those voicing concerns as conspiracy theorists, but how are they going to spin this: scientists are warning that the volcanic ash now settling over Europe contains naturally-high levels of fluoride that may contaminate water supplies and threaten the health of livestock and people. Reported by AFP:

REYKJAVIK — The fallout of volcanic ash over parts of Iceland could jeopardise the safety of drinking water, health authorities warned Friday, but said the greatest health risk was to livestock.

“It is important to prevent the ash from reaching water supplies, both for public and animal health reasons and for safe milk production,” Halldor Runolfsson of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority told AFP.

His colleague Guthjon Gunnarsson said the agency was evaluating the quality of drinking water, which was mostly protected because it came from under ground.

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disinfoview: Jesse Ventura on ‘American Conspiracies’

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has a new bestselling book out, American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us. Following my recent interview with June Sarpong, a member of the investigative team for his TV series Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, Jesse agreed to meet with the disinformation® New York crew at the legendary Russian Tea Room. I asked Jesse why he's digging up dirt where other public figures fear to tread, what we should do with the information he's revealing, who he thinks is really behind the myriad conspiracies in his book — from JFK to 9/11 — and much more. Enjoy the video — we'll post some extra clips where we talk off the record about everything from surfing to rock & roll ... soon!
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We Will Stop All The Conspiracies!

In the latest video news report from AboveTopSecret.com host Johnny Anonymous reports on a chilling development for all conspiracy theorists: the revelation that Obama administration is seeking to infiltrate groups of conspiracy theorists, and disrupt the flow of free expression. Additional stories include another surprise from the administration in an apparent dismissal of the second amendment, more misleading data revealed on the extent of global warming, and a special visit from the CEO of ATS to discuss some big changes.
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Jesse Ventura Wins Prize For Most Alarming 2012 Fearmongering

As the producer of the documentary film 2012: Science or Superstition (and editor of the book of the same title), I've watched more or less all the various TV specials, wacky docs and of course the Hollywood blockbuster from Roland Emmerich ... not to mention my ever-expanding library of 50+ 2012-themed books. As a result I think I'm as well-qualified as anyone to name the disinformation® winner for best 2012 fearmongering: Jesse Ventura, on his "Conspiracy Theory" cable series. Get a load of this: Okay, there's no real prize, but Jesse, if you'd like someone to provide some balance to the doomsday madness of Patrick Geryl or the supposedly scientific scariness of Larry Joseph, you know where to find us.
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