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The founder of Nation of Islam lied about his race

The only photos that exist of the founder of Nation of Islam

With Rachel Dolezal being in the news, I thought now would be the perfect time to write an article on this subject.

“He told us that the silks he carried were the same kind that our people used in their home country, and that he was from there. So we asked him to tell us about our own country.” Scholar C Eric Lincoln wrote this about Wallace Fard Muhammad, the founder of Nation of Islam.The man known as Fard came to Detroit claiming to know all of how the blacks should correctly live. The culture hungry blacks invited him into their homes to discuss healthy diets and culture. Lincoln’s book The Black Muslims in America states:

Inevitably there was a proliferation of legends about so mysterious a figure. One such legend is that Fard was a Jamaican Negro whose father was a Syrian Moslem.

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An Analysis of ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’

This is an editorial column that does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Disinformation as a company.

First of all, the phrase “equal pay for equal work” is not a new slogan. It originates from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For those of you that have not taken the time to do so, I suggest reading the document in full. It is vastly different from the American Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. It states that one of these human rights is the right to social security which is set up “through national effort and international co-operation.” In other words, it legitimizes massive loans to countries through the IMF which lays a burden on the countries the money comes from (mainly the U.S.) and creates an economic colonialism in the countries that receive the aid.

While reading said Human Rights declaration, look at Article 8 that states man gets rights “granted him by the constitution or by law.” The Declaration of Independence states that rights come from the creator.… Read the rest

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Anti-globalist film classic — The Great Pretense

The US government, along with US business investments and American foreign aid, have supported both sides of wars for longer than most people realize. A practice many of you are aware happens today. This documentary classic talks of how the USSR would have collapsed decades before it did had it not been for western investments keeping them afloat. The narrative here demonstrates that the anti-communist groups of the cold war were sometimes as anti-corporate as they were anti-leftist.

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Secret Society Origins of the Montana Highway Patrol?

I was researching the history of union organization in the US and came across the case of Frank Little. He was an agitator of the IWW who was lynched by the local vigilantes in Montana. He was hung from a railroad trestle and had a note pinned to his thigh that read, “First and last warning” with the numbers “3-7-77.” These numbers have been attached to numerous people killed by the vigilantes through Montana. The first documented use of the code was in 1879 when Montana vigilantes left “3-7-77″ painted on walls throughout a small town. Today, these mysterious numbers appear on the badge of the Montana state highway patrol. No one knows the origins. Many theories have been offered, including several in the linked article. I have my theory that 3 represents the number of people in the highest rank of the vigilantes, 7 is the next rank below the commanding rank, and 77 officers serve below them.… Read the rest

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Why The New World Order Will Fail

Why-The-New-World-Order-Will-Fail- 600
Why The New World Order Will Fail!

When someone mentions “The New World Order,” it conjures up thoughts of conspiracy involving the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, old privileged family wealth and royal lineage. Beneath that you think of the already bought and paid for world leaders and the secret agenda. And you might be right.

When I think of the New World Order, I’m thinking of an idea. It’s an idea that’s as old as war itself. How many times must we keep hearing this same ideology? Every single empire from the beginning of man had this same dream. You know the one, the dream of controlling everything beneath the sky from horizon to horizon.

Nothing has changed in thousands of years except the horizons and the dreamers. When all you could see was the Aztec Empire, then controlling that was good enough. When all anyone could see was the Roman Empire, then that was good enough.… Read the rest

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Esperanto — continuing where the Babylon Empire left off


Something to look into for those who love to spend hours in front of a computer.

What is Esperanto? From the wikipedia page:

Esperanto is a constructed international auxiliary language. It is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world. Its name derives from Doktoro Esperanto (“Esperanto” translates as “one who hopes”), the pseudonym under which physician and linguist L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing Esperanto, the Unua Libro, on 26 July 1887. Zamenhof’s goal was to create an easy-to-learn, politically neutral language that would transcend nationality and foster peace and international understanding between people with different languages.

Between 100,000 and 2,000,000 people worldwide fluently or actively speak Esperanto, including perhaps 1,000 native speakers who learned Esperanto from birth. Esperanto has a notable presence in 120 countries. Its usage is highest in Europe, East Asia, and South America. lernu!, the most popular online learning platform for Esperanto, reported 150,000 registered users in 2013, and sees between 150,000 and 200,000 visitors each month.

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The Wild Story of the Self-Castrated, Christian Soldier Who Killed Lincoln’s Assassin

Boston Corbett. Photograph by Mathew Brady/Library of Congress

Boston Corbett. Photograph by Mathew Brady/Library of Congress

Here’s your long, but interesting, read of the day, courtesy of Washingtonian. How much do you know about the guy who killed the guy who killed Abe Lincoln? His name was Boston Corbett. He was a soldier, a hat-maker, insanely religious (the Christian kind), and shares some interesting commonalities with Jack Ruby (the man who killed the man who killed JFK). Oh, and did I mention that he castrated himself? Well, he did — in response to his involuntary erection at the sight of some prostitutes.

Bill Jensen via Washingtonian:

The fire in the tobacco barn was starting to rage, and inside was the most wanted man in America: John Wilkes Booth, the traitor who had shot President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre 12 days earlier.

Nursing a broken leg, Booth had made it 73 miles to Port Royal, Virginia, with federal troops in pursuit.

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Evade the Tentacles of the Illuminati and Manifest Your Victory with The Higherside Chat’s Greg Carlwood|midwest real

Via Midwest Real

On his popular show, The Higherside Chats, Greg Carlwood has sat down for podcasts with dozens of researchers, authors, and experts on a whole host of conspiracy, paranormal, and fringe-soaked topics.



Selected subjects from our ramblings: why magic is real, transhumanism, meditation, manifesting success, celebrating the fact that humans don’t know shit, psychedelics, how to focus your passion properly and more  

One of the things that always sticks out in my mind when I speak with Greg (aside from just how weird, wonderful and, in some ways, severely fucked the world is) is just how much we trick ourselves into believing we don’t have the power to save ourselves from a mediocre existence. I do declare that no matter where you find yourself, it’s fully possible to take a 90 degree turn off of the the well-worn path. You, my friend, have the capacity to sharpen the stick on your freak flag, plunge it deep into the soil and craft something that is uniquely yours around it.… Read the rest

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What Was Lee Harvey Oswald Doing in Mexico?

Lyndon B. Johnson taking the oath of office on...

Lyndon B. Johnson taking the oath of office on Air Force One following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s  been over fifty years and there are still questions surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Certainly numerous Disinfonauts are well versed in the theories surrounding the incident. Please share your input.

via Politico Magazine

Much about his trip—weeks before the assassination—remains unexamined.

Still, if Oswald openly boasted about his plans to kill JFK among people in Mexico, it would undermine the official story that he was a lone wolf whose plans to kill the president could never have been detected by the CIA or FBI. In Slawson’s mind, it could even raise the question of whether people in Mexico might have been charged as accessories in the murder if they had known about Oswald’s threats but did nothing to stop him.

Ambassador Mann appears to have had similar suspicions.

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Factum Ut Faciat: The Conspiracy Theorist’s Fallacy

David Paxton (@canyouflybobby) writes at the Gerasites:

Writing refutations to the arguments of conspiracy theorists seems as difficult and brave as clubbing seals. But anyone who has ever publicly expressed even moderate support for military intervention has inevitably encountered various leaps of logic from the keyboards of conspiracy theorists.  Their personal imperviousness to sensible debate and their theory’s superbug-like inability to die off suggests there is something to be said for trying to understand their process, if it can be called such. Besides, I like clubbing seals.

Hanlon’s Razor:Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

This is advice conspiracy theorists simply cannot take.  Everything is deliberate.

Cui bono:“as a benefit to whom?”

This is the logic that says umbrella salesmen make the rain. A conspiracy theorist’s favourite.

Furtive fallacy:Significant facts of history are necessarily sinister

This is a form of paranoia, it’s not the acceptance of conspiracy theories as much as feeling the necessity for them to exist.

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