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Super Mega CopBlocking Gear

In this video Luke Rudkowski, breaks down his advance video equipment to Pete Eyre of Cop Block.

Pete is the co founder of Cop Block an international organization that holds police officers accountable by peacefully filming their actions. Luke has had many intense moments with Police officers in the past and built this custom camera rig to document any future abuses. We hope this video is helpful to you and inspires you to be prepared when filming the police.

Via WeAreChange

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Dallas Cop Suspended for Trying to Confiscate Cyclist’s Helmet Camera

Via CopBlock: Well, this is an unexpected but welcome turn of events: Dallas Sheriff's Deputy James Westbrook has been suspended for 30 days without pay following his attempt to confiscate a motorcyclist's helmet camera. The deputy told cyclist Chris Moore that he was going to take his helmet cam as evidence proving that other cyclists were engaged in criminal behavior. Following Moore's refusal, Westbrook arrested him for an obstructed license plate, an offense that normally warrants a ticket. Here's Moore's video:
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