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Bilderberg Evacuates Airport Because of Independent Media

In this video Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks and Line Sejr go to the Copenhagen Airport to give a friendly greeting to the international 2014 Bilderberg Attendees. As you can see for some strange reason the bilderberg group was very timid and scared of people trying to talk to them for some reason. They sicked their naive marshmallow head security guards on Luke and Dan. After getting temporarily distracted by the security guards the bilderberg organizers moved to a remote non public location far away from anyone because they are afraid of their shadows.

1st Bilderberger confronted was Jason Kenney. He is the Canadian Minister of Employment and Social Development.

Via We Are Change

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British Newspaper Played Key Role In Demise Of Copenhagen Climate Conference

Was this responsible behavior by the Guardian? Comments welcome below!

The Copenhagen conference was destroyed from the start by the leak of the “Danish draft” negotiating text to The Guardian, the Indian environment minister said this weekend in a warning that the breakdown of international trust would continue to undermine climate talks this year.

In an interview with The Guardian ahead of a new round of meetings, Jairam Ramesh shed new light on last December’s fraught summit and highlighted the continuing gulf between rich nations and the Basic block of emerging economies — Brazil, South Africa, India and China.

Dismissing Britain’s attempt to blame China for the disappointment of Copenhagen, the Indian minister said the outcome was determined by a failed “ambush”, targeted at the leaders of emerging economies, by the host nation Denmark. This attempted to switch a new negotiating text for the existing UN texts.

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Sarah Palin Blasts ‘Arrogance Of Man’ (Meaning Obama?)

Sarah PalinVia The Hill:

The now-finished climate change summit in Copenhagen marks the “arrogance of man,” former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) said this weekend.

Palin, who had urged President Barack Obama not to attend the conference in Denmark, blasted the agreement world leaders made late on Friday to begin stemming emissions that contribute to climate change.

Palin tweeted early Saturday morning:

Copenhgen=arrogance of man2think we can change nature’s ways.MUST b good stewards of God’s earth,but arrogant&naive2say man overpwers nature

Earth saw clmate chnge4 ions;will cont 2 c chnges.R duty2responsbly devlop resorces4humankind/not pollute&destroy;but cant alter naturl chng

Those tweets and previous skepticism the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee has expressed toward global warming science has led some to label her a climate change “denier.”

But Palin has maintained that she does not deny that climate change exists, and that she only questions the extent of the change and what sort of policies should be put in place to address it…

[continues on The Hill]

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Lord Christopher Monckton: Meet A Leader Of Climate Change Denial (VIDEO)

Katherine Goldstein questions the motives of the British Peer who has become the highest profile climate change denier, in the Huffington Post:

While tens of thousands of NGO's, environmental activists, government officials and journalists have descended on the climate talks in Copenhagen, a small but vocal number of energy industry lobbyists and climate change deniers are staging events to put forward their point of view.

At one such event held by Americans For Prosperity, a right-wing group with funding ties to Exxon-Mobil and oil interests. [disinfo ed.'s note: we know this sentence doesn't make sense.]

At their event in Copenhagen, a group of clean energy activists disrupted their meeting. In attendance was Lord Christopher Monckton, one of the most visible and outspoken voices against climate change science, who proceeded to call the protesters "Hitler Youth."

So who is Lord Christopher Mockton? "Mother Jones" describes him as a "self-described former special adviser to Margaret Thatcher on matters ranging from hydrogeology to epidemiology [who] has more recently devoted himself to climatology."...

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Hugo Chavez Rocks Climate Talks In Copenhagen

Andrew Bolt goes ballistic, writing about the shenanigans of the some of the more colorful players on the climate change stage in Copenhagen, for the HeraldSun:

These maniacs in Copenhagen are voting on your future:

President Chavez brought the house down.

When he said the process in Copenhagen was “not democratic, it is not inclusive, but isn’t that the reality of our world, the world is really and imperial dictatorship…down with imperial dictatorships” he got a rousing round of applause.

When he said there was a “silent and terrible ghost in the room” and that ghost was called capitalism, the applause was deafening.

But then he wound up to his grand conclusion – 20 minutes after his 5 minute speaking time was supposed to have ended and after quoting everyone from Karl Marx to Jesus Christ – “our revolution seeks to help all people…socialism, the other ghost that is probably wandering around this room, that’s the way to save the planet, capitalism is the road to hell….let’s fight against capitalism and make it obey us.” He won a standing ovation.

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Copenhagen Spoof Shames Canada; Climate Debt No Joke

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - "Canada is 'red-faced'!" (Globe and Mail) "Copenhagen spoof shames Canada!" (Guardian) "Hoax slices through Canadian spin on warming!" (The Toronto Star) "A childish prank!" (Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada) What at first looked like the flip-flop of the century has been revealed as a sophisticated ruse by a coalition of African, North American, and European activists. The purpose: to highlight the most powerful nations' obstruction of meaningful progress in Copenhagen, to push for just climate debt reparations, and to call out Canada in particular for its terrible climate policy. The elaborate intercontinental operation was spearheaded by a group of concerned Canadian citizens, the "Climate Debt Agents" from ActionAid, and The Yes Men. It involved the creation of a best-case scenario in which Canadian government representatives unleashed a bold new initiative to curb emissions and spearhead a "Climate Debt Mechanism" for the developing world...
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The Stupid Show

One of the more interesting documentary films released this year was The Age of Stupid. Director Franny Armstrong has put together a large group of climate change activists to promote the film and of course they are currently in Copenhagen. They've been broadcasting a daily show called, naturally, The Stupid Show. Tonight's guest is George Monbiot, who she says is "the world's cleverest climate chap." That's tonight ... here's the previous show, which Franny describes as:
with In The Diner With Achim Steiner as the big rhyming interview (following hot on the heels of Friday's On My Head With Ed), Andrew Simms from NEF being really quite convincing that a low-carbon future is going to be happier and top climate scientist Richard Betts from the MET office laughing at my attempt to draw the history of the world in one minute. Shame his homemade joke went down like a lead balloon on the laugh-o-meter...
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Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex

You can bet that certain politicians will be taking climate change a lot more seriously following this announcement, via Spiegel Online:

Copenhagen Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards to city hotels warning summit guests not to patronize Danish sex workers during the upcoming conference. Now, the prostitutes have struck back, offering free sex to anyone who produces one of the warnings.

Copenhagen’s city council in conjunction with Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards out to 160 Copenhagen hotels urging COP15 guests and delegates to ‘Be sustainable – don’t buy sex’.

“Dear hotel owner, we would like to urge you not to arrange contacts between hotel guests and prostitutes,” the approach to hotels says.

Now, Copenhagen prostitutes are up in arms, saying that the council has no business meddling in their affairs. They have now offered free sex to anyone who can produce one of the offending postcards and their COP15 identity card, according to the Web site avisen.dk.

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