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America’s Dangerous Love Affair With Counterinsurgency

The incomparable Adam Curtis, director of several powerful documentary films including The Power of Nightmares, delves deep into the psychology of the war on terror via his BBC blog:

At the beginning of this year one of the weirdest characters ever to become involved in the present Afghan war died. He was called Jack Idema and he was a brilliant con-man. For a moment, during the early part of the war, Idema persuaded all the major TV networks and scores of journalists that he was some kind of special forces super-hero who was using all kinds of “black ops” to track down and arrest the terrorists.

In reality, before 2001, Idema had been running a hotel for pets in North Carolina called The Ultimate Pet Resort. He had been in prison for fraud, and had tried to con journalists before about being some kind of super-spy. But September 11th gave him his chance — and he turned up in Kabul dressed like this.

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