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Women Having Sex In Bedroom Interrupted By Home Intruder Presumably Hoping For Threesome

I think that this guy has watched way too many porn films. I’m surprised that he didn’t show up wearing a tool belt or carrying a pizza. Maybe there is something to that study about porn-watching and loss of grey matter.

Two super-creepy stories of apartment living from my own life after the jump. Share some of your own in the comment section.

Wednesday morning the women were having sex. They realized someone was watching.

“I had never seen this man before and he did not belong,” said Willis. “My initial reaction, I just got up as fast as possible and pushed him out of the room.”

Willis said before the intruder ran away he told her he’d heard them from the floor below and wanted to see what was happening. She believes he was trying to get in bed with them.

“I think he was definitely intent on joining, and becoming a part of it and placing himself in our position,” said Willis.

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