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DC CraigsList Casual Encounters Explode During CPAC

Pic: Kurt Lowenstein (CC)

Pic: Kurt Lowenstein (CC)

I have a feeling that a few of these might be the work of pranksters, but according to Addicting Info, the Casual Encounters section of internet want-ad page CraigsList get busy during CPAC. Apparently there are a lot of conservatives in town looking for some no-strings-attached play on the side.

Here’s one:

CPAC – I need a MAN. NOW! – m4m – 36 (CPAC convention)

So. I spend so much time in rural Indiana, CPAC is my only outlet for this sort of thing.
What I’m looking for, you, a masculine Ayn Rand, me, the 47%. And I want you to slap me around hard and give it to me good.
Or. . .you could bust in my room, catch me trying to enroll in a healthcare market place/state exchange, and the punish me for it. Punish me good.
We can meet at the bar first, if you want.

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Conservative eBooks To Indoctrinate Your Children

How do you instill the next generation with pro-America values in the digital age? One of the hottest items from last month’s CPAC conference was the line of eBooks from Cherry Tree Media (ironically named for the famous story concerning George Washington, which is itself a falsehood designed to instill patriotic pride). Available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, the cartoon-based series teaches kids the merits of capitalism, military interventions, et cetera. Via Politico:

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