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Changing The Creepy Guy Narrative


A scene from The Cell

How a writer saw an opportunist taking advantage and acted by putting the squeeze on him.

via Readability

How being a writer helped me rewrite a sexist trope…for real.

So a thing happened to me yesterday on the BART as I was coming home from work.  (And no, it wasn’t a Sharknado…mores the pity.)  Maybe I’m just rewriting history or trying to make a story fit in this the context of this blog…maybe, but I really, honestly think that what happened did so (at least in my case) because I am a writer.

You see, as a writer, I am also a reader–a big crazy, prolific-as-shit reader.  I’ve read two or three dozen articles my friends have linked over the years on women’s experience with creepers on public transit–usually with some sort of commentary attached to it by said friend along the lines of “ZOMG THIS!!!!” or “SO FUCKING TRUE!!!!”  I’ve read Schrodinger’s Rapist, Rape Culture 101, Jezebel articles by the dozens (perhaps hundreds), and even my own friends’ tribulations on BARTs and busses.  

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