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Man Has Spent 26 Years Dragging 12-Foot Crucifix Around The World

An apt metaphor for the pointlessness of religion? Via the Daily Mail:

A determined Christian evangelist has demonstrated his devotion to his faith by carrying a huge cross for thousands of miles across the globe for the past 26 years.

Lindsay Hamon, 60, has trekked through 19 countries including India, New Zealand, Romania and Sri Lanka during his remarkable journey. And despite being thrown out of St Peter’s Square, in Rome, and being shot at in Bangladesh, he remains resolute and has no plans to give up on his mission.

Mr. Hamon carries the huge cross for up to 12 hours a day, and often has no idea where he will sleep that night. He [began] in 1987 and has only spent a handful of weeks without it. Mr. Hamon receives donations from supporters to help him stay on the road, but he stops to carry out carework in his home town in order to pay his family’s bills.

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