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Six Important Life Lessons From “The Twilight Zone”

The Twilight Zone turned fifty this week. Meredith Woerner on io9.com details some important lessons to be learned from this modern television classic:
Never trust an alien. Whether they want to trick us into coming home with them so they can cook us for dinner, gloating that they're about to colonize our planet right under our noses, or just shooting us with tiny guns, aliens are always jerks. Even when they're just dressed as aliens and from our home planet. They are not to be trusted, and nine out of ten times are merely just messing with you. Meet an alien? Turn the other way, or you may wind up in their zoo.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Pub Rock

From Black Sun Gazette:

Despite the fact that it produced comparatively few good bands, everyone remembers punk rock. Somehow it became the be all, end all of youth counterculture, the “gold standard” by which all other cultural movements are compared. I’ve never been particularly interested in punk rock, though the leading lights (The Ramones, The Clash, The Heartbreakers) certainly are great and important rock and roll bands. But even at a young age the pretentiousness and fashion whoring that punk rock increasingly became known for really turned me off. For a music that set out to destroy rock conventions, punk sure picked them all up really fast- to say nothing of the turn that it took in the early-90s. Of course, none of this is terribly surprising. Punk came more than anything out of the harder edge of glam rock. But there was another strain in the mix.… Read the rest

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David Cronenberg Will ‘Fly’ Again

Steven Zeitchik writes on Risky Biz Blog:

David Cronenberg is again buzzing with “The Fly.”

The auteur is in talks to develop a reboot of the 1986 classic with Fox, the studio that released that film, writing and potentially directing the new pic.

The move marks an about-face for the Canadian director, who in the past has said he did not want to be involved on a remake of the film. Cronenberg did work on an opera version of “The Fly” that was staged first in Paris and then in Los Angeles.

The 1986 title, itself a remake of Kurt Neumann’s 1958 sci-fi classic, starred Jeff Goldblum and became a huge hit for Fox, earning $40 million and turning into a phenomenon. It centered on Seth Brundle (Goldblum), an eccentric scientist who, after an experiment with teleportation goes awry, is transformed into a fly. Geena Davis starred as Goldblum’s love interest and partner, Veronica.

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