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The New Jesus Of Siberia

From the Guardian:

“I am Jesus Christ. It was promised in Israel 2,000 years ago that I would return, that I would come back to finish what was started.”

Meet the Messiah of Siberia, Vissarion Christ, as he is known to his thousands of disciples, who are convinced that he is the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth, come back to earth to save the world.

To his critics who accuse him of brainwashing and embezzling his followers, Vissarion is a charlatan [who leads] “a destructive, totalitarian sect”. More prosaically, he is Sergei Torop, a 41-year-old former traffic cop from southern Russia, who moved to Siberia as a youth, experienced his awakening a decade ago, and now leads one of the biggest and most remote religious communes on the planet.

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Jonestown’s Heart of Darkness – Out There Radio: Episode 41

Out There Radio – Episode 41: Guyana’s Heart of Darkness

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In this episode, we take a look at the dark events of 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana. What drove the people of Jonestown to commit mass suicide under the direction of the Reverend Jim Jones? Was Jones simply a charismatic cult leader, or was there something deeper involved? In Out There News, we look at the coming of a green Antichrist, and Austin warns us about a roving demon who sodomizes people in their sleep. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

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The Beast in Adam Gorightly – Out There Radio: Episode 31 & 32

Out There Radio – Episode 31 & 32: The Beast in Adam Gorightly

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Join us for this two part conversation with writer Adam Gorightly – author of The Prankster and the Conspiracy and Death Cults. In the first part, we discuss his book The Prankster and the Conspiracy, a biography of counterculture icon Kerry Thornley.  In the second, we discuss a veritable hodgepodge of conspiracy narratives and Adam’s book “The Beast of Adam Gorightly“.

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