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Having A Harder Time Finding What You’re Looking For On The Web?

The Internet is getting staggeringly “large.” (How large? See this infographic.)

Though there are plenty of very smart people working very hard to make it easy for you to keep finding the things you’re looking for, as well as finding solutions to that conundrum librarians are especially acquainted with – finding the thing you didn’t know you were looking for – it is still getting increasingly difficult to find signal in the noise.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that it is increasingly difficult to find what you’re looking for online. Of course there are (or were? wow) services like delicious. But the issue I’m talking about is signal to noise. There’s a ton of information on the net. As Carl Sagan would say in his Kermit-the-frog voice, “billions and billions of interwubs. How can we parse it, and find what we need? What about when we don’t even know what we need?… Read the rest

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