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Mass Graves, Child Soldiers and Christian Evangelism in Uganda

Picture: TKnoxB (CC)

Religion Dispatches just published a short but sickening report on  Christian evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s recent mission to Uganda. Here’s some of Kolenda’s promises for the war and disease-stricken inhabitants of the northern Ugandan city of Gulu:

“Each time you go to the doctor with a pain he will give you a different pill. With God there is only one pill, God’s pill, the ‘Gospill’.”

So intoned the Christ for All Nations (CfAN) evangelist, Daniel Kolenda, as he fired up the crowd for another evening of ostensible miracles and religious frenzy. For good measure, he added that God would put all students in the town at the top of the class, heal all cancers, cure HIV and AIDS, help all unmarried persons find a partner, and render all barren wombs fertile. A loud cheer erupted as Kolenda prophesied a population explosion in Gulu nine months hence—despite the fact that Uganda presently has one of the highest birth rates in the world.

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