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DisinfoCast: 80: Daniele Bolelli: How to Be Less of An A**hole


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I spring an entirely unplanned question on fighting philosopher Daniele Bolelli (“On the Warrior’s Path”, “50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know: Religion”): How can we all strive toward not being assholes? What develops is an interesting conversation on empathy, jealousy, violence, and the philosophical nature of good and evil.
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Why We Must Reject the Dogma of Religious Frauds and Find Our Own Truth

Create-Your-Own-Religiondisinformation author Daniele Bolelli is featured on Alternet with an excerpt from Create Your Own Religion:

The whole notion of creating one’s own religion goes against the claim made by many religions that they alone possess the Only Truth revealed to them by the deity of their choosing. In their eyes, religion is to be followed by human beings, but is never created by them. Countless people have been burned at the stake for simply urging others to challenge religious dogma and question beliefs. While this injunction is no longer followed literally, Jewish scriptures sanction the murder of anyone inviting us to change religious outlook. The Inquisition, which lasted over 600 years, fills the history of Christianity with plenty of mass killings of people whose only crime was holding unconventional opinions in matters of religion. Still today, in some Muslim countries, any Muslim who decides to abandon Islam faces the death penalty for apostasy.

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DisinfoCast: Got Any Questions for Daniele Bolelli?

Writer/martial artist/college professor Daniele Bolelli will be returning to the DisinfoCast this week to talk about his new book Create Your Own Religion: A How-To Book Without Instructions.

This will be Daniele’s third appearance on the DisinfoCast, (1, 2)but you might have also heard him on The Joe Rogan Experience (1, 2, 3), The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (1, 2, 3), The Adam Carolla Show (1) or his own podcast: The Drunken Taoist. He’s a funny guy with a distinctly skewed take on religion. No starry-eyed Sky Pilot here: In his own words, “Believe it or don’t believe it, do whatever you want. It’s all bullshit.”

Anyway, I’ll be interviewing Daniele on Thursday (April 11, 2013 at 6:30 PM CST) and I’d love to ask him some of your questions. Leave them in the comments section below.… Read the rest

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Incredibly Shrinking Camels And Zen Moons: Wealth In The Eyes Of World Religions

[The following is an excerpt from Daniele Bolelli's new book Create Your Own Religion: A How-To Book without Instructions.]

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz. — Janis Joplin

God and Gold

Nothing in the world can excite the minds of men quite like the two G’s—God and Gold. (The third G that boys dream about—Girls—ranks much higher than either of those on my personal priority list, but it has nothing to do with the subject of this chapter, so I’ll try to keep my hormones in check and not get sidetracked.) If it is certainly true that religion is one of the most powerful forces driving our collective psyche, cold, hard cash is not far behind. God and gold are the objects of worship most revered by humanity. Countless people obsess about them, want them, crave them, and center their lives around them. For them, we fight, cry, and struggle.… Read the rest

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Daniele Bolelli Tells The Tale of Gonzalo Guerrero

disinformation author, martial arts legend and podcaster extraordinaire Daniele Bolelli tells the story of the legendary Gonzalo Guerrero, “the original badass from the Americas and the father of the first interracial kids in the Mexico and for that matter, anywhere in the mainland of the Americas,” as Bolelli would have it. Audio from The Drunken Taoist Podcast. Animated by Paul Klawiter.

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Daniele Bolelli’s Drunken Taoist Podcast: Episode One

Picture: Daniele Bolelli (c)

Disinformation Company author Daniele Bolelli (50 Things You’re Not Supposed to Know: Religion) has launched his podcast The Drunken Taoist. You can download episode one, featuring comedian Duncan Trussell, here. Bolelli, a religious studies professor, mixed martial artist, writer and philosopher, has gained a bit of a cult following after appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour and our own DisinfoCast. Listeners have been asking him to start his own show for months now, and it’s nice to see him step up to the mike. Give it a listen. The guys chat about mushroom spores, the perils of over-specialization and much more.… Read the rest

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