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British Prime Minister Forgets His 8-Year-Old Daughter And Leaves Her In Pub

Photo: Remy Steinegger (CC)

The hapless David Cameron, Tory leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has probably done more to harm his reputation with the Conservative Party’s middle class core voters than any scandal involving Rupert Murdoch or other corporate puppet masters. Haroon Siddique reports for the Guardian:

David Cameron left his eight-year-old daughter in the pub following a Sunday lunch, after a mix-up with his wife Samantha, Downing Street has admitted.

The couple’s daughter Nancy wandered off to the toilets while they were arranging lifts and they only realised she was not with them when they got home, the Sun said.

The prime minister rushed back to the Plough Inn in Cadsden, Buckinghamshire, where he found his daughter with staff. A Downing Street spokesman said: “The prime minister and Samantha were distraught when they realised Nancy wasn’t with them. Thankfully when they phoned the pub she was there safe and well.

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Planned Protest Results In Detainment – Of 12-Year-Old Boy

David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron

The gloves have been off for awhile, but does anyone need a clearer reminder that activism and peaceful protest have been categorized as terrorism? From the UK’s Daily Mirror:

A schoolboy trying to save his youth club was hauled from class after his plan to protest outside David Cameron’s constituency office was spotted — by anti-terror police.

In an astonishing over-reaction, 12-year-old Nicky Wishart was warned he faced ARREST.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “The policeman asked me lots of questions about why we were having a protest and who would be there. I said it was simply because we didn’t want our youth centre to close — it’s a fantastic place to go and there isn’t much else for us to do round here.”

The full-scale security operation swung into effect days after Nicky made an innocent request on Facebook to “save our youth centre”.

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There’s No Such Thing As “The Market”

425px-London_Stock_Exchange_LogoDan Roberts, writing earlier this year for the Guardian:

Margaret Thatcher famously outraged the left by asserting there was no such thing as society. Perhaps today would be a good moment for David Cameron to flummox rightwing orthodoxy by declaring there is no such thing as “the market”. This mythical creature has been credited with playing a key role in events of the last few days. The market was unhappy with uncertainty. The market doesn’t like coalition government. The market didn’t want to hang around and wait.

Television news crews were even dispatched down to the City of London to try to doorstep this grumpy beast, standing outside empty office blocks hoping to catch a glimpse.

The reality, as ever, is more complicated. There are markets, but many of them, all with buyers and sellers expressing necessarily contradictory opinions on where things are going.

Some of these markets have indeed shown clear reactions to the political turmoil.

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