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Headless Deer Turning Up in Northeastern Wisconsin

Image courtesy of Kraftomatic

Image courtesy of Kraftomatic

Bizarre and mysterious, with no adequate explanation. Below appears the entirety of the longest article I could find on the matter, from the webpage of Wausau‘s local television station, WSAW 7:

OCONTO, Wis. (AP) — Conservation wardens say an increasing number of headless bucks have been found in northeastern Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources warden Mike Stahl says investigators don’t know why at least a half dozen bucks have been found without their heads since the last week of October. The DNR say four were found in Oconto County’s Little Suamico-Abrams area. One was found in the Town of Spruce and another in Marinette County. Stahl tells WLUK-TV that because of various stages of decay, it’s not known how all bucks were killed, however the DNR has been able to determine at least two were shot.

My current theories are:

1.  An alien advance scouting team took the heads for biometric sampling.… Read the rest

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Hunting Banned in Parts of Austria After Hailstones Kill 90% of Wild Game

From The Telegraph:

Hundreds of deer were discovered either dead or so badly injured they had to be put down by wildlife experts.

In the country’s rural Salzburg province, 90 per cent of pheasants and 80 per cent of hares were killed in the hail storms.

Sepp Eder, the hunting chief, said : “Animals sought shelter in farms, in fields of grain but the hail was so heavy it smashed right into them. It may take five years for animal numbers to recover, if they ever do so.”

Farmers are believed to have suffered more than £60 million in damages to crops and buildings.

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