Defense Budget

Aaron Cynic writes at Diatribe Media: Once again, the military industrial complex is howling about money, with its most fervent supporters knowing that the U.S. government is completely broke, but believing budget…

Aaron Cynic writes at Diatribe Media: Even though the U.S. military spends more than 6 times that of our next competitor (China), the GOP is still pushing the narrative that any more…

The Guardian has some revealing infographics:

Yep, the United States spent a staggering $607bn (£402 bn) on defence in 2008. Currently engaged in what will likely be the longest ground war in US history in Afghanistan. Harbourer of thousands of nuclear weapons. 1.5m soldiers. Fleets of aircrafts, bombs and seemingly endless amounts of military technology.

The defence budgets of the other top nine countries can be neatly accommodated inside the US budget.

So the US is an aggressive, war-mongeringing military machine, right? And the numbers prove it. But is that true? Is that the whole picture?