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Eight Month Erection Leads to Malpractice Lawsuit


Here is a modern example of careful what you wish for. A 44 year old truck driver’s penile implant goes wrong, very very wrong. via UPI

Daniel Metzgar had an erection that lasted about eight months — a result of a botched penile implant in 2009, according to a medical malpractice lawsuit being heard this week in New Castle County Superior Court in Delaware.

The 44-year-old truck driver had a three-piece implant, consisting of inflatable cylinders inside the shaft of the penis, a fluid reservoir in the abdomen and a pump inside the scrotum.

But instead of improving his love life, he felt like less of a man, wearing baggy sweat pants and a long shirt to hide his situation.

Wherever Metzgar went, his erection got in the way, according to his attorney, Michael C. Heyden. Family events became uncomfortable because, Heyden said, “Dan is stuck in this position.”

“It’s not something you want to bring out at parties and show to friends,” said Metzgar.

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For the Christmas Season, It Costs $82,000/Month To Light This House

Christmas LightsCasey Chan writes on Gizmodo:
The Faucher Family in Delaware have built extravagant Christmas lights setups for 25 years now. How extravagant? They use 1,000,000 lights. So how much does it cost them to run the lights for a month? $82,320. Gulp. HouseLogic estimated the total cost by using the average price per kWh in the Faucher Family's region and assumed each of their 1,000,000 bulbs were the average 5 watt C7 bulb. They then figured the lights to run for 4 hours each night and 30 nights in total. The estimated cost came out to be $686/hour and $82,320 for those bright 30 nights. A lot of money to get in the Christmas spirit!
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