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Did Jesse Ventura Send This Letter To Denver International Airport?

Denver International Airport (DIA) is famous for many a conspiracy theorist’s favorite public art installation. Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura focused an episode of his TV series “Conspiracy Theory” on that artwork. Fast forward a few years and DIA has received a letter purporting to be from Governor Ventura and has posted it on Facebook:


What do you think disinfonauts, is it really from Jesse? DIA posted an update on Facebook, saying “We just heard from Jesse Ventura’s publicist who tells us he did not write this letter. We are very relieved!” If Jesse’s not the author of the letter, who is?


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Sirius Business: DIA (Denver International Airport)

The exact relationship between the Reptoids below and the Sirusians above has yet to be conclusively explained or even coherently speculated about. These beings may be cousins, disconnected by the passing ages since their original time on Earth, or our Terran Reptoids may be visitors from Sirius. If the latter is the case, I don’t think their presence can be described as an “alien invasion”  because for the majority of human inhabitants of Earth, these beings do not exist. I am not of the belief that the Reptoids are directly pulling the strings of global domination, as some of the more outlandish theories maintain, but rather are hidden residents that are here by prior arrangement or treaty.

The sprawling reaches of Denver International Airport (DIA) could serve as a spaceport that supports the arrivals and departure of Reptoid/Sirusian travelers. Built in 1994, the airport was fully operational as a civilian airport in February of 1995.… Read the rest

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