Department of Homeland Security

E! Science News reports that the DHS is building a robot tuna. Just pray that the terrorists don’t get access to weaponized mayonnaise… The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology…

Did you know that IEDs planted in urban areas is the greatest threat facing our country? The city of Houston and the Department of Homeland Security have once again teamed up to create a PSA video for the Run, Hide, Fight campaign to free Texas from the scourge of terrorism. Anyone who leaves a bag unattended, takes photos in public, wears an article of clothing that seems unseasonable, acts nervous, or does anything quirky should be reported. And if they haven’t engaged in any of these behaviors, but your “instincts” (i.e. your prejudices) tell you that they are suspicious, call the authorities:

Large, heavily populated urban centers all over the world have long been the favored targets of terrorists. If you see suspicious behavior, Make the Call.

It’s surreal that we live in a world in which this needs to exist. Three days after the shooting in Aurora, the City of Houston released this Department of Homeland Security-funded instructional video on surviving mass shootings at work. Watch on repeat so that you can begin drilling the “Run. Hide. Fight” mantra into your brain: