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Are Americans Already Detained under NDAA?

Picture: Vectorportal, Wikimedia Commons (CC)

If you’ve been following the progress(!?) of the NDAA through the tangled tendrils of our court system, you’ll remember that a group of plaintiffs including journalist Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky and Naomi Wolf have filed suit to ban the Obama White House from indefinitely imprisoning American citizens without trial or due process. They even took to Reddit to voice their concerns, not long after the President himself had appeared and crashed the site so users could “Ask Anything”. President Obama ignored any questioning of this controversial and legally dubious issue, which, along with his mysterious drone strikes, will remain a shameful stain on his historical presidency.

According to Hedges and others, the unusual maneuvering taken by the administration during this procedural are suspicious in-and-of themselves.

Via RT:

US Federal Judge Katherine Forrest in turn agreed (Section 1021) was unconstitutional. Last month Judge Forrest decided that an earlier, temporary injunction on the clause should be made permanent, but the Obama Justice Department pleaded for an emergency stay only hours later.

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