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The BOOM in Motor City: Man Arrested for Driving Antique Combat Vehicle Around Detroit

m20-armored-utility-car-02Via the San Francisco Chronicle.

Although Detroit has a (perhaps unfair) reputation for lawlessness in the popular imagination, you’ve got to ask what was going through the as-yet unidentified man who decided to take a World War II-era M20 armored car for a spin through suburban streets. The vehicle’s gun had been modified to fire compressed gas instead of live ordinance, creating loud explosions and fiery flashes every time the man pulled the trigger. The man was arrested without incident, and the press has not reported where he got the vehicle.

As far as I know, the man driving the M20 was not Ted Nugent.

H/T: BoingBoing.


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Detroit: Cubes of Human Flesh Found in Sewer Trigger Serial Killer Fears

Picture: Bastique (CC)

“Cubes” of human flesh floating about in the sewer trigger about a thousand fears, and a possible serial killer is just one of them. (“We all float down here, Georgie.”)

Via New York Daily News:

Fears of a serial killer on the loose in Michigan mounted after cops found cubes of human flesh in a drain pipe that bear disturbing similarities to remains discovered in another pipe last August.

A sanitation crew first spotted the 4-inch-by-4-inch pieces of “skin and fat and little bit of muscle tissue” in a sewer pipe outside Detroit, in Warren, Mich., police told ABC News.

The two cubes of flesh appear to closely match those discovered earlier this year, which were found about 5 miles away in a sewer in Sterling Heights.

Police said that those chunks, 10 in total, which bore an intricate tattoo, belonged to a white woman with a large build, CBS News reported.

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Turning Abandoned Detroit Into A Zombie Theme Park

Via fundraising site IndieGoGo, a campaign to infuse economic activity into a depressed area by converting a vacant, blighted area into 'Z World Detroit', an apocalyptic theme park in which visitors are chased by hordes of zombies. Proposals to formally abandon entire sections of the city have provoked much sadness and soul-searching--perhaps this is how to come to grips with the new reality:
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High School Students Suspended After Demanding ‘An Education’

Detroit Public SchoolsChastity Pratt Dawsey writes in the Detroit Free Press:
About 50 high school students at Frederick Douglass Academy in Detroit were suspended Thursday after walking out of classes to protest a host of issues at the all-boys school. The concerns included a lack of consistent teachers and the removal of the principal. The boys, dressed in school blazers, neckties and hoodies, chanted, "We want education!" as they marched outside the school. Parents organized the walkout because they fear for the school's future. As recently as last month, students spent weeks passing time in the gym, library or cafeteria due to a lack of teachers, parents said. Worries escalated after district offices moved into part of the building in January, and the school was not listed as an application school for next year...
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Detroit Globalized

Being from the Lansing and Detroit, Michigan area, it's so heartbreaking visiting my former home state now. The state feels empty; the GM Oldsmobile factories that I drove past all the time have been flattened. Sad. Detroit Globalized is a documentary explaining the effects that globalization has had on Detroit, MI.
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Detroit Schools Offer Class in How to Work at Wal-Mart

Muriel Kane writes on RAW Story:

Wal-Mart has been widely condemned for offering its employees only low-paying, dead end jobs. Even President Obama criticized Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential campaign for having served on Wal-Mart’s board and stated that the firm ought to pay “a living wage.”

In inner-city Detroit, however, where the unemployment rate is estimated at an astonishing 50%, the prospect of a Wal-Mart job may appear far more attractive.

Four inner-city Detroit high schools have decided that employment with Wal-Mart is an opportunity worth training their students to pursue. The schools have teamed up with the giant merchandiser to offer a for-credit class in job-readiness training that also includes entry-level after-school jobs.

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