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“Life is But a Dream”

Picture: Anonmoos (PD)

“As sunlight obscures the stars by day so too does wakefullness blind us to the fact that we are still dreaming.”

Liber Kaos, Peter J Carroll.

Part 1, Essays for the Discordian occultist: introducing the lucid dream.

Everything you experience of the outside world has to pass via your senses into your brain. Your body acts as an instrument through which reality is filtered. Ignorance allows you to focus. You always exclude more than you are taking in. If this article has your full attention it will necessarily be at the expense of other things.  If you’re reading it on your mobile in a pub some people will see your focus as ignorant, for example.

It is with your memory and imagination that you decode meaning from the chaos of the external world. You’ve been around in some form or other since the dawn of time.… Read the rest

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The Ke$ha Kult Tarot Book

The KE$HA KULT TAROT BOOK is the result of a process. This is the story of that process.

The KKTB started life as three separate books. (In the order they were produced: The K.oM. BOOK1 (55 pages), The K.oM. BOOK0 (20 pages) & Introducing Metabolic Chambers (46 pages).

“KE$HA KULT” began exactly how I describe it in the book; I was a fan of KE$HA’s music, started noticing how our artistic vibes ‘meshed,’ read an article where she said ‘pop stars are like cult leaders,’ freaked out, created KE$HA KULT. KE$HA KULT then started assimilating all my previous works. And it was good. A KE$HA KULT BOOK (25 pages) was produced … and nothing happened … until Black Friday, 2010 when the Disinformation Company finally released ‘Introducing Metabolic Chambers’ on their website. I meant for it to be released on Halloween (culmination of the 7 Sisters), but what/ev, it worked out because one of the comments on the book was a link to another website which made this cryptic remark

“It seems some folks at Disinfo are engaging the Game.… Read the rest

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EsoZone Portland 2010 Starts This Weekend

EsoZone Portland is back for another year! Once it again, the event is an unconference — an event in which the schedule is set by the participants on the fly at the event. Anything can happen, but some of the possible subjects include:

esozone 2010 logo

Outsider Art • Discordia • SubGenius
The Occult • Satanism • Conspiracy Analysis
Life Extension • Intelligence Enhancement
Space Migration • Psychedelic Futurism
Consciousness Expansion • R/evolutionary Living
Renegade Metaphysics • Radical Psychotherapy
Aliens • Neo-Shamanism • Temporary Autonomous Zones
Body Modification • Alternative Sexuality • Fringe Culture
Human-Dolphin Communication • DIY Media
Cybernetics and Systems Theory • Pranks
Atheism • Zen • Martial Arts • Recession Hacking

There will also be performances by artists such as Cult of Zir and Ogo Eion and Psychetect in the evenings.

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Illuminatus Discordia

200px-Sacred-Chao.svgThe following is an anthology (in abridged form; the full article is available here). The text herein has been culled from the public domain and synthesized into this compendium of chaos, magic & anarchy.

Nothing so conclusively proves the radical difference between our human and animal nature, as the capacity of the human mind to entertain speculations in regard to itself.

This is the self-referencing perceptive state known as Consciousness.

Beliefs are tools for creating desired effects. To fully realize this is to face a terrible freedom in which Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted, which is to say that everything is possible, there are no certainties, and the consequences can be ghastly. The purpose of finding meaning in Life is to create beliefs by acting as though such beliefs were true; you Fake it till you Make it, to obtain the power that a belief can provide. Afterwards, if you have any sense, you will laugh it off.… Read the rest

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Only a Game: The Joy of Swik

DiscordiaVia Only A Game:

Among the many Winter Festivals that are practised, none is stranger than the Discordian festival of Swik, pronounced ‘swik’ or ‘christmas’ — although not to be confused with the Christian festival with the same pronunciation and dates. An ancient Discordian tradition, dating back at least twenty years, states “the joy of Swik is Getting, Shouting, and Passing out”, but it is widely recognised that Swik is a festival to be endured rather than enjoyed (much like a Klingon rite of passage). One does not have to be a Discordian to be participating in Swik … most people are simply trapped in the festival through no fault of their own.

No-one is really sure when Swik piggybacked onto Christmas, although it happened a long time after Christmas piggybacked onto the Pagan Solstice celebrations, which also fall at this time each year. Perhaps it was the Victorians who began to ignore the religious aspect of Christmas and focus instead upon the sale and purchase of an unnecessary profusion of gifts, which has now escalated to such a violent spectacle of intense consumerism as to make the shops utterly impassible to anyone not comfortable with someone’s elbow stuck in their nose.

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