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Discovery Channel Doc Suggests ‘Russian Yeti’ Responsible For Dyatlov Pass Deaths

Pic: Dyatlov Pass - some of the victims.

Pic: Dyatlov Pass – some of the victims.

I love me some crypto critters, scary stories, and urban legends, but the Dyatlov Pass incident is plenty interesting enough for a documentary without dropping a squatch into the mix. (By the way, you should be aware that if you start Googling the story you’re probably going to run across some supremely disturbing photos of the bodies – not the best thing to see if you’re, say, up blogging at 1:00 AM in an empty house.)

Investigators baffled by the unexplained and gruesome deaths of Russian college students decades ago have come up with a new suspect, albeit an unlikely one: the Yeti.

On February 2, 1959, nine college students climbed the icy slopes of Dyatlov Pass in the Ural Mountains of Russia. They never made it out alive. The students bodies were found with broken ribs and fractured skulls. In one grotesque case, a woman’s eyes had been gouged out and her tongue was missing.

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Weed Wars: Marijuana Dispensary Reality Show Coming To Discovery Channel

Harborside Health CenterA step towards acceptance? James Hibberd writes in Entertainment Weekly:

Discovery Channel is set to announce a potentially controversial new series: A docu-soap reality show set in the country’s largest medical marijuana distributorship and starring a pot reform activist. This fall, the network will unveil Weed Wars, where cameras follow the day-to-day dealings of a California ganja store.

The show follows Steve DeAngelo, the owner of Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, which serves 80,000 clients. According to the network, DeAngelo strives to provide patients with the highest-quality product and uses his business to promote the national regulation and taxation of cannabis.

“Weed Wars fearlessly pulls back the curtain on a once illegal and still controversial world,” said Nancy Daniels, executive VP at Discovery Channel. “From the inner workings of the business to Steve’s distinctive leadership style, Weed Wars is a fascinating glimpse into this highly unique setting. Like Gold Rush or Deadliest Catch, these are guys pursuing their own version of the American Dream.”

California passed the Compassionate Use Act in 1996 that permitted legalized pot dispensaries where customers can select from a variety of toke-able or edible products if they have a doctor’s approval.

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Obama To Appear On Mythbusters For A ‘Viewer’s Challenge’

President Obama discussing his appearance on the upcoming episode of Mythbusters with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Sawage

President Obama discussing his appearance on the upcoming episode of "Mythbusters" with co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Sawage

President Barack Obama has never been shy about his use of television and social media to reach his younger audience. Tonight, Obama will be appearing on Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters,” for a ‘viewers challenge’ special about Archimedes’ legendary solar ray, an experiment that has been attempted and failed two previous times on the show. The Los Angeles Times reports:

On Wednesday, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, will appear on “Mythbusters,” the long-running Discovery Channel series that tests the truth of common wisdom, received notions, popular legends and stuff you see in the movies. On a more basic level, it is a show about building and blowing things up, and that, as the president himself will say here, “is always cool.”

Obama has been criticized at times for the seeming alacrity with which he will go on television, any old television, but his trip to a comical basic-cable series is not without presidential precedent.

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Police Kill Discovery Channel Hostage-Holder, Ending Standoff

m_ed196e0f42b3ea534a81580b09a6d964The lunatic who took hostages at Discovery Channel’s headquarters was killed by police. He did have a point about their crappy programming, let’s admit. From the New York Times:

Police officers shot and killed a gunman with a history of protesting against the Discovery Channel, the authorities said, ending a nearly four-hour ordeal on Wednesday at the company’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. The gunman, apparently wearing explosives, had taken two employees and a security guard hostage, officials said.

The company had identified the gunman…as James J. Lee. A Web site run by Mr. Lee, SaveThePlanetProtest.com, was established in January 2008. The Web site complains that the Discovery Channel produces programs about the environment for profit, not for humanitarian reasons.

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