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Douglas Rushkoff Looks Back On His Graphic Novel ‘Testament’

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 1.06.01 PMDouglas Rushkoff is a well-known social critic and media theorist. While he may be best known for nonfiction works like Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now and Open Source Democracy, his bibliography is a remarkably diverse one, with entries into prose fiction and even graphic novels.

Recently publisher DC Vertigo released a collected digital omnibus of his graphic novel Testament. (Find it here.)

From the imagination of best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff, one of the most iconoclastic and acclaimed minds of our era, comes a graphic novel series that exposes the “real” Bible as it was actually written, and reveals how its mythic tales are repeated today.

Grad student Jake Stern leads an underground band of renegades that uses any means necessary to combat the frightening threats to freedom that permeate the world. They employ technology, alchemy, media hacking and mysticism to fight a modern threat that has its roots in ancient stories destined to recur in the modern age.

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The Book the Pentagon Wants to Stop, Pregnant Nuns Selling Ice Cream and Spaceship Moon?

Apes, Pregnant Nuns and Spaceship Moon

For your viewing and continued commenting pleasure, here’s the 23 most (dis)informing stories disinfo.com visitors were checking out over the last week. If you’re interested in contributing to disinfo.com please contact us here. Enjoy and keep contributing!

Who Parked The Moon?

Despite six announced visits by U.S. astronauts between 1969 and 1972, the Moon remains a riddle to scientists in many regards. The solutions to these riddles could indicate an alien aspect of our familiar Moon…

Pentagon Tries To Stop Book By Buying All Copies

Thanks to Isaac Hils for this. As publishers, this story definitely appeals to us at disinformation: Authors with books the Pentagon wants to stop, take note! From the Guardian

Relentless Views of The Pope And His Opinions

In a letter to the Guardian, harsh words were written towards the pope’s visit to the country. Disagreeing with his religious and political actions, and lack of actions, the pope is presented in an interesting depiction from the eyes of these English citizens…

Meet Stark County, Ohio’s Phil Davison: A Politician Who REALLY Speaks His Mind

Gabe writes on Videogum: “If you ask me, I think that both of the parties are corrupt and more interested in playing politics with each other than they are in making this country a better place for regular Americans like you and me.… Read the rest

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Secret LSD-Related CIA Ops, Mind-Reading Computers and Recent Asteroids That Nearly Missed the Earth…

HST and the Past, Present, Future and The Dude If you've haven't been here in a while, here's the 23 most (dis)informing stories disinfo.com visitors were checking out over the last two weeks. If you're interested in contributing to disinfo.com please contact us here. Enjoy and keep contributing! The Big Lebowski Matrix Mashup Video Ever wonder what it would be like to explain The Matrix to The Dude? Morpheus gives it his best.... Rare Hunter S. Thompson Documentary Surfaces on YouTube It’s been nearly 5 years since the Good Doctor said adiós and pulled that silver trigger, bringing Gonzo to an end for good — or so one would think.... Does The Past Exist Yet? The future has yet to be determined, but what about the past? This recent Huffington Post piece discusses the possibility that what you do in the present shapes both future and past — “historical events such as who killed JFK, might depend on events that haven’t occurred yet.”...
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A Skateboarding Priest, (Ground Zero) Mosque Madness and Zombie Ants!

You Have Been Disinformed Here's the 23 most (dis)informing stories disinfo.com visitors were checking out last week. If you're interested in contributing to disinfo.com please contact us here. Enjoy! Florida Baby Facebook Photo Sparks Controversy Michael Phelps got caught through Facebook, why not a baby! They do say a picture is worth a thousand hits, um, words. CBS News reports... Zombie Ants! The zombies have come, but it’s not exactly the apocalypse. Carpenter ants being taken over by fungi sounds like the beginning of a Science-Fiction film, but this time it’s just Science. From Discovery Magazine... The Skateboarding Priest Video “Come on kiddies, you’re safe with me — I can skate!” … Hmmm, I’m not sure this Hungarian priest looks like someone I want my kids to skate with, but believe it or not Reverend Zoltan Lendvai, 45, who lives and preaches in Redics, a small village on Hungary’s border with Slovenia, has become a YouTube sensation...
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Evolver: 2012, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Dimensional Shift

Where will you be when the 5,125 year Long Count Calendar of the Classical Maya ends on December, 21, 2012? Will you be hiding in an underground cave from global cataclysm and magnetic polar reversal? Will you be entering a multidimensional realm of hyperspace triggered by mass activation of the pineal gland? Will you be picking up the pieces of a ruined world or dancing the night away at the party at the end of time?

Considering that nobody knows what’s going to happen in 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar functions as a tremendously intriguing meme upon which we can project our hopes and fears, dreams and desires. Hollywood has now offered up a massive collective shadow projection in the form of a $250 million disaster epic that takes the aesthetics of annihilation to a new pitch of perfection.  Paradoxically, this doom-riddled blockbuster could create a great opening to offer an alternative vision of what 2012 could be for our planet.… Read the rest

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Wha’ Happened? Special Message to Our Loyal Contributors and Visitors

As you can see, we’ve moved to a new site platform. For those of you returning from our previous incarnation, all your previous posts are still here. We hope you enjoy the new blogging platform, and if you have questions or concerns with the new site, please feel free to email me directly at feedback [at] disinfo.com.

The new site is a work in progress but looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on the site.

Ralph Bernardo
Managing Editor, Disinformation

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Disinformation Chat is Back!

As as experiment, I created a meebo chat room for Disinformation. If this proves popular, we will incorporate into the website. To explore the new Disinformation chat room, go to this link or find it below. We are interested in hearing your thoughts below.
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