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Latitude 33, Disney, and High Strangeness. Oh My!

Disneyland Entryway Plaque. Photo: Cburnett (GNU)

Disneyland Entryway Plaque. Photo: Cburnett (GNU)

This is a wonderfully giant bucket of weird – in the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Let us journey down the rabbit hole into some strange factoids about Disneyland:

•    Disneyland theme park is located at roughly 33 degrees latitude.
•    33rd Degree Masons include J. Edgar Hoover, famed occultist Manly P. Hall, former President George Bush Sr, and none other than Walt Disney himself.
•    A private club at Disneyland is called “Club 33″, supposedly named after the first 33 corporate sponsors of the theme park. It is the only place in the park where alcohol is served.
•    Disneyland was designed by Harrison “Buzz” Price and Cornelius Vanderbilt Wood, consultants from the famed Chevron Oil-founded, DARPA-funded Stanford Research Institute which produced such gems as “Men Staring At Goats” remote viewing projects for the U.S. Army as a part of our battle to keep up with the Russians and their paranormal exploits.… Read the rest

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Sweden’s Bizarre Donald Duck Christmas Obsession

Slate has a report on Sweden’s bizarre Christmas tradition: watching Donald Duck cartoons.

Every December 25th, approximately half of the nation sits down in front of the television to watch Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul (“Donald Duck and his friends wish you a Merry Christmas”). The special has been aired on TV1, Sweden’s main public television channel, each Christmas Eve since 1959 without commercial interruption:

The show’s cultural significance cannot be [over]stated. You do not tape or DVR Kalle Anka for later viewing. You do not eat or prepare dinner while watching Kalle Anka. Age does not matter—every member of the family is expected to sit quietly together and watch a program that generations of Swedes have been watching for 50 years. Most families plan their entire Christmas around Kalle Anka.

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