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Discordian Theology and a Short Guide to Divination

“I don’t want words that other people have invented”.

Hugo Ball

Essays for The Discordian Occultist, Part 5.

Discordian occultism is a system which has only rules which you’ve chosen or invented. Discordians are almost supernaturally bound to be contrary to “dogmas”, wherever or whenever they notice them[1]. This also includes the dogmas inherent in the previous sentence. This essay, the final part of our series, will not be for everyone as we inevitably get drawn into the highly subjective world of Discordian occult theory. This means that, in a sense, much of it should be treated as a work of fiction alike to a poem, crude painting or pleasant song. However we will wrap the discussion up with a look at one of the most useful of all skills: divination. If you want to skip the theory and move to that, be my guest. There’s a quick three step guide at the bottom which comes after the sacred Discordian words of initiation.… Read the rest

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God in Your Pocket: Temple to Launch Divination App for Faithful

Because your Ouija Board won’t fit in your pocket and the Magic Eight Ball makes it look like you have Elephantitis:

A temple in southern Taiwan is to launch a smartphone app that allows the faithful to seek advice from the heavens while on the move, reports said Saturday.

“With the increasing popularity of smartphones, we will launch our own divination app next year,” said Hung Yang-chen, website designer for Jhen Hai Temple in Pingtung county, according to Central News Agency.

The temple launched a website in 2005 offering online divination services, enabling Internet users to ask heavenly advice about what action to take, whether in love or commerce.

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The “No Woods” — EERIE Radio

EERIE Radio — Episode 150: The “No Woods”

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In episode prettyouija150 of EERIE Radio, we forgo interviewing a guest and instead take call-ins and discuss personal memories of places and objects viewed as sacred during our childhoods. DK shares stories of his youthful pilgrimages to a mysterious spot in the woods, a spot a listener diagnoses as a “place of power.”

We also discuss the curiously controversial Ouija Board and the online campaign against Hasbro’s new pink Ouija Board, then break out urkotic’s very manly Hellboy Talking Board to attempt some divination of our own.  A listener calls in to tell her story of unwanted romantic overtures received via Ouija.  Could this tale of lovers from different worlds be the next Twilight?  All this and EERIE News.

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